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Batgirl Behind-the-Scenes Photo Offers Look at Film's Logo

DC's Batgirl HBO Max movie is officially in production – something the studio let fans know today, with an official production start announcement and a photo to go with it. While that first image of Batgirl's production wasn't the coveted first look at star Leslie Grace in her Batgirl suit, the [...]

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BATGIRL Officially Begins Production; Check Out A BTS Photo From The Desk Of Officer Barbara Gordon

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have taken to Instagram to announce that production is now officially underway on the HBO Max feature, giving us a look at the movie's logo in the process.

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HBO Max's Batgirl Movie Has Started Production

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have announced the start of filming on HBO Max's Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon.

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Top 10 Books That Deserve Another Movie Adaptation

Despite pleas from movie-goers for studios to stop releasing remakes, they just keep being churned out. From an audience's perspective, reboots rarely

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Is Barry Corbin in Yellowstone? Season 4 cast explored

Is Barry Corbin in Yellowstone? Let’s get the season 4 cast of the Paramount series explored as audiences grow curious after episode 5.

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Barbados, Schema-Root news

Cross-linked news, and information resources about Barbados

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Commissioner Gordon will have a more significant role in Batgirl movie

J.K. Simmons says that Commissioner Gordon will have a more significant role to play in the upcoming Batgirl movie for HBO Max.

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The 22 best TV shows and movies to watch this Thanksgiving

In this special Thanksgiving weekend edition of Screen Gab, the TV and film teams at The Times talk about what we're watching on our days off.

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The TikToker whose Brendan Fraser interview went viral explains how she met her 'celebrity crush,' saying he remembered her name and it 'meant the world'

The internet is rallying behind Brendan Fraser's comeback. Michael Tran/Getty Images When cosplay TikToker Lindley Key interviewed Brendan Fraser, the

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All of Darren Aronofsky's Films, Ranked

Over the course of his career, Darren Aronofsky has given us several mind-blowing films. Let's take a look at his illustrious filmography, ranked..

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'Doom Patrol' 3x9 Review | The Young Folks

The latest episode of Doom Patrol leaves much to be desired.

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