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Bad news for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans: Hit-comedy show to end with upcoming season- The New Indian Express

Bad news for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' fans: Hit-comedy show to end with upcoming season
The show, which started in 2013, was canceled in 2018 by Fox due to bad ratings but a massive outcry from fans got it picked by NBC later.
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American TV show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', which airs on NBC, will end production with its upcoming and final season. 
The news was officially announced on Twitter, with a statement by co-creator Dan Goor. 
The show starring Andy Samberg, Felissa Fumero, Andre Braugher, Craig Robinson, and others was hit among fans breaking many stereotypes and addressing discrimination.

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' to end with delayed, shortened season 8

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' to end with delayed, shortened season 8
The show will not return until 2021-2022
Over its seven seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had a bizarre journey to say the least. After starting on
Fox before being cancelled to be rescued and renewed by
NBC, the future looked bright for the Andy Samberg-led comedy show.
But with updates about the upcoming season, news has broken that the show’s eighth run will be its last, according to the
B99 seasons
since April 2020, will have to wait approximately another year or more, only to be provided an abbreviated (read rushed) ending. The eighth season will see only ten episodes, and the show won't return until 2021-2022, rather than at some point in the current 2020-2021 as previously expected.

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Propose Day: 5 Best Proposals in TV Shows That People Still Cannot Forget

Propose Day: 5 Best Proposals in TV Shows That People Still Cannot Forget
To celebrate Propose Day 2021, we are listing 5 of the most romantic, elaborate and well thought-out proposals from some of our most favourite TV shows.
Valentine's Week is here which means we will be celebrating a significant day starting from the 7th to 14th of February. Today is Propose Day, which is a celebration of a person confessing their feelings for their significant other and officially taking their relationship to the next level.
To celebrate this day, we are listing 5 of the most romantic, elaborate and well thought-out proposals from some of our most favourite TV shows. These proposals are a part of pop-culture and have helped several people proposition their significant others.

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role as a crooked stockbroker in "wolf of wall street." matthew mcconaughey won as well. "gravity" picked up best director. and "breaking bad" and "brooklyn 99" in tv getting awards for best series and best actor honors for brian koran stan and andy sandberg. >> now, this happened very late last night, a little too late for us early-morning people, but one of the things i noticed in the few minutes i watched -- >> all the dresses. >> well, the dresses were fantastic. who did you wear? no, but they had to walk like a million miles to get to the stage. >> that's right. >> the winners were like 150 yards away from the stage. tough, tough. >> i need to see "american hustle." have you seen that? >> it's very good. >> i've seen most of them, but not that one yet. all right, now to the olympics and terror watch at the olympics. the growing concern of attacks this morning as americans heading to russia are warned by the state department to be careful. we are live. communities cleaning up this morning after rising temperatures trigger massive floods. we're going to show you some amazing pictures, but are these

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>> i think she's very talented. cate blanchett, seen right there also picking up a gold everyone globe for her title character in "blue jasmine." "12 years a slave" won best drama, but male acting went to other awards. leonardo dicaprio won for "wolf of wall street," and matthew mcconaughey and jared lito won for "dallas buyers club." "gravity" picked up best director award. and in television, it was "breaking bad" and a surprise winner, "brooklyn 99." they each got awards for best series, best actor went to bryan cranston and andy sandberg. >> and bryan cranston was talking to our nischelle turner on the red carpet beforehand. he said it would be a nice way to sort of put a period on the end of the sentence of the show, end the show with an award for the show. >> nischelle turner was the real star last night at the "golden globes," as always. >> she did a great job. she is one talented young woman. give her the golden globe. >> she wins it. dennis rodman coming home from north korea and opening up about the mistakes he made on his trip to the communist

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picture. >> and stacy, give me a prediction that nobody will expect? >> you mean a possible spoiler? >> yes. >> and well, i think that andy sanburg or his show "brooklyn 99" could break through the series category, and that would be super shocking, and the globes are apt to support, so it is an underdog going into the race, and i will be look g fing that. >> and what about you, samantha? >> well, i will be upset if bryan cranston does not take the best actor for "breaking bad" and not only is it over, but he humanized his character for us, and he had us routing for the bad guy and i will not imagine it if he does not win for the best actor, and "breaking bad" has never won. >> true. and so many people talk about that show. >> yes, "breaking bad" has never won the golden globe, and this would be a huge moment.

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>> why is that, stacey? >> well, it took a long time for the show to get traction globally and the fact that "homeland" won the emmy the same year it won the globe bodes well for the momentum of breaking bad so a lot of people are looking for that and homeland is not nominated today. >> okay. there you go. >> and here it is today and gone tomorrow. >> right. exactly. it is a tough atmosphere right fou. >> and it is kind of like our business. okay. there is always a big surprise, guys. and last year it was a cameo by former president bill clinton and any idea of what is going to be in store for this show? stacey, with we -- we will star with you? >> well, it is woody allen accepting the award, but if he walked on stage, people would lose it. and second to him, hillary cl clinton, because she is not going to let her husband one-up her.

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>> one of the wonderful benefits of the motion picture business is that we get to make films about people, about the art of survival, resilience and about reinvention. >> reporter: very good. very good. so this morning there are still people that are saying, "brooklyn 99" that's a comedy series? andy sandberg comedy? terry cruise said to me on the red carpet when people get a hold of the show they will understand just how funny it is and that win last night will go a long way in showing people how funny this show is. i think andy sandberg would say i don't know how this happens. >> if it gets more eyes on the show that's good. sometimes good shows go away and you wonder what happened. nischelle turner, many thanks.

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cranston. >> and the only winner of the night more stunned than the cast of comedy series "brooklyn 99" was its star, andy samberg. >> oh, no! >> reporter: and when she wasn't hosting or canoodling with bono, poehler picked up her first golden globe award, tv comedy actress. >> i never win. so i can't believe i won. >> got to love it. that was a great evening. several stories caught our attention today. photos, as well. want you to take a look at these. thousands of people stripped down to their underwear. that's right. we're not kidding here. they are celebrating what they're calling no pants subway ride yesterday. this is how it all looked. commuters from london to berlin to hong kong, all of them braving the cold weather without pants. that's right. over 60 countries around the world. that's right, 60 countries

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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20181125:12:38:00

show, "america's got talent." what many of the former nfl players loyal fans might be surprised to learn is that terry was gifted with the ability to draw from a very early age. he has spent a lifetime hoping for a chance for his innate talent to truly shine. well, a few years ago, that opportunity came. terry became a buzzed about furniture designer almost overnight. >> take one look at the life of television star terry crews. >> hey! >> and you will see he is living proof that dreams really can come true. actor, nfl player, artist. the brooklyn 99 star pursued multiple careers throughout his lifetime all with passion and ambition. >> two years ago terry added yet another somewhat unexpected title to his resume. furniture designer.

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this is not a replacement for ownership. this is a complement to ownership. >> i'm buying black pants and i see this amazing big flowered shirt that i want to buy but don't want to spend money on it. now i'll rent that. >> yes. what the brands are seeing is that people are spending not only more time engaging in the brands but a significant amount of more money with the rent. >> christine and her partners have been quiet about castle. they wanted to make sure everything worked. with express, the launch was big. >> christine hunsaker says her platform helps retailers attract new customers and increase their spending. christine joins us now. >> after seven years, you feel like we're ready. we don't need to keep it quiet anymore. >> we can now start talking. america's got terry crews. that's what the brooklyn 99 star said when he was named the newest host for the hit nbc

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