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Drugs discovered after a car broke down attempting to evade police

Dunedin police say they found methamphetamine after a driver’s speedy escape from officers came to a grinding halt when his car broke down, spewing out smoke...

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What's the most disappointing and the most surprisingly fun car you've driven this year?

Most of the major launches this year are out of the way. Upon looking back at all the many car launches this year, there have been a few exciting cars and of course not so exciting cars as well. I'm

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Kia's EV9 gains global recognition for design, performance

Kia's flagship electric vehicle, the EV9, is gaining global attention after winning honors and international awards in a number of countries based on its performance and design, according to the giant automaker, Sunday.

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Monday, Dec. 18: Things to do in Carson City

It may be Monday, but the next one on the way is Christmas. If you still have some loved ones on your holiday shopping list, the Craft Fair at the Carson Mall is sure to have something for everyone. Monday also means football. Watch the Falcons take on the Buccaneers at Living the Good Life.

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Jeep Wrangler 4xe has another battery recall over fire concerns

America's bestselling PHEV has another battery recall. After eight known battery fires, Wrangler 4xe owners are being told to stop charging and park outside.

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Will it cost you $350,000 to raise a child? There's the easy math and then there's the right math

To really understand what these numbers mean, would-be parents need to take a closer look at their individual circumstances

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Far North teens killed when car crashed into roadworks named

Two teenagers who died when the car they were in crashed into roadworks at speed on Thursday have been remembered as “beautiful” students by their Northland...

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Family donation makes Nevada State Railroad Museum exhibit possible

The four children of Jack and Margie Gibson have honored their parents’ decades-long service to the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, with a $40,000 donation that enabled the museum’s latest exhibition.

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Emergency vehicles called to three car collision near Sonoma and Silver Sage

Just after 1 p.m. on Friday emergency units were called to a three car collision in the area of Silver Sage and Sonoma Streets. Traffic in the area will see a delay, and it’s best to seek alternate routes. Traffic is being stopped near Eagle Station and Pat streets. There are no injuries reported at this time.

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