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CIA deputy director's pro-Palestinian posts and more

NY Post readers discuss CIA's Amy McFadden's posting "Free Palestine" images on social media and more.

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Murder plot unlikely to derail new US-India partnership

The US response to an assassination plot reflects a desire not to let the issue damage the broader relationship, experts say

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Opinion | This Is the 9/11 Lesson That Israel Needs to Learn

Wiping out Hamas is an unattainable goal, and getting stuck in Gaza would be a disaster.

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Ex-CIA head: 'No difference' between gun-toting Christian, Hamas

A former director of the Central Intelligence Agency took to social media days before the Thanksgiving holiday to endorse a comparison between a Bible-bearing, gun-toting American Christian and a heavily armed Hamas suicide bomber.

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Top CIA agent shared pro-Palestinian to Facebook after Hamas attack: report

The high-ranking CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis shared pro-Palestinian posts to Facebook two weeks after Hamas attacked Israel.

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CIA Director, Mossad chief in secret talks to expand Israel-Hamas hostage swap: Report

Middle East News: CIA Director William J Burns held undisclosed talks in Qatar with Israel's Mossad chief and Qatar's prime minister to facilitate a deal between Israel

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