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Form 40-17G Ares Dynamic Credit Allo

Form 40-17G Ares Dynamic Credit Allo - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Soula Hatsiandrou | Obituary | The Eagle Tribune

Soula Hatsiandrou passed away. This is the full obituary where you can share condolences and memories. Published in the The Eagle Tribune on 2023-10-20.

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A super-massive Neptune-sized planet

Neptune-sized planets exhibit a wide range of compositions and densities, depending on factors related to their formation and evolution history, such as the distance from their host stars and atmospheric escape processes. They can vary from relatively low-density planets with thick hydrogen–helium atmospheres1,2 to higher-density planets with a substantial amount of water or a rocky interior with a thinner atmosphere, such as HD 95338 b (ref. 3), TOI-849 b (ref. 4) and TOI-2196 b (ref. 5). The discovery of exoplanets in the hot-Neptune desert6, a region close to the host stars with a deficit of Neptune-sized planets, provides insights into the formation and evolution of planetary systems, including the existence of this region itself. Here we show observations of the transiting planet TOI-1853 b, which has a radius of 3.46 ± 0.08 Earth radii and orbits a dwarf star every 1.24 days. This planet has a mass of 73.2 ± 2.7 Earth masses, almost twice that of any other Neptune-sized planet known so far, and a density of 9.7 ± 0.8 grams per cubic centimetre. These values place TOI-1853 b in the middle of the Neptunian desert and imply that heavy elements dominate its mass. The properties of TOI-1853 b present a puzzle for conventional theories of planetary formation and evolution, and could be the result of several proto-planet collisions or the final state of an initially high-eccentricity planet that migrated closer to its parent star. Observations of the super-massive Neptune-sized transiting planet TOI-1853 b show a mass almost twice that of any other Neptune-sized planet known so far and a bulk density implying that heavy elements dominate its mass.

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3 Organizations Aiding People in Guatemala - The Borgen Project

Several organizations are aiding people in Guatemala through efforts that focus on health, water, sanitation, food, housing and education.

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Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper 360 - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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All In With Chris Hayes

i'm patriotic kenny. and, hi, i'm amanda on tiktok. my scooter broke down. i went into a depression. how do you feel about that? pretty sad. and i posted it to show that kenny's not always happy. within 24 hours people had donated over $5,000. no, you're kidding. we set up the patriotic kenny foundation to give mobility scooters to veterans. it has changed my life tremendously. none of this would've happened without tiktok. heading on a family trip? nah, sorry son, prices are crazy,

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The Source With Kaitlan Collins

hurricane idalia passed through some of the world's warmest waters on its way to florida's coast. in the gulf of mexico and in south florida as you can see here water temperature is

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♪ ♪ >> sean: so our worst fears about the dangers of biden border crisis have now come to pass. a spokesperson for. 's national security council has confirmed that several illegal immigrants thanks to joe's open borders from uzbekistan were trafficked into this country by suspected terrorists. one of the smugglers that helped bring these illegals across the wide open southern border of joe biden has verified ties to a known terror group. reportedly isis. you know the people that be had other people, innocent people. now, does this mean terror cells

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The Source With Kaitlan Collins

our ears connect us to the moments that matter. give them the nutrients they need with lipo. it's formulated with ingredients clinically shown to protect your ears from dizziness, ear ringing, and even hearing loss. never miss a moment with lipo flavonoid. ( ♪ ♪ ) ( ♪ ♪ )

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life in washington, this is bbc news. hurricane idalia has strengthened to a category two storm as it bears down on the gulf coast of florida. we are live on the ground. residents have been urged to flee to higher ground and prepare for

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