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other side. you see as you know, even in the republican rural counties they were not coming out for herschel walker. they were not excited about him. when you took kemp off the ballot, at least enough of those voters were staying home whereas senator warnock was running an incredible campaign and appealing to voters across the state and it shows in those maps. >> yeah, and to come back to you, don, getting rid of mail-in voting as an option, so basically democrats have three bites at the apple, mail, early and same day. republicans only have same day, so that was dumb. >> you have the killer mics of the world that were soft when it was stacey abrams but came back when it was warnock. talk a bit about the strategery that made it close but let warnock through. >> you know, one day when we have a family discussion outside of everybody's ears we will talk about taking atlanta political leadership to task because we saw some differences in their

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>> what i don't understand is how you can cut the state constitution out of the equation when it is giving the state legislature the authority to exercise legislative power. >> this is a proposal that gets rid of the normal checks and balances on the way big governmental decisions are made in this country. and you might think that it gets rid of all of those checks and balances at exactly the time when they are needed most. >> joining me is democratic governor roy cooper of north carolina. governor cooper, thank you for being here. i want to give both a little bit of the concept of what you are dealing with in your state, just a little contest. your state of north carolina is the state that in 2016 passed voting laws that were said by an appellate court to target african americans with almost surgical precision. that was your state where they got rid of college id,

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