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'To Be Determined' at the Dallas Museum of Art explores hope and resilience in these troubled times

‘To Be Determined’ at the Dallas Museum of Art explores hope and resilience in these troubled times
The exhibition mixes and matches artworks based on evocative word clusters.
"Tired" is one of two new specially commissioned paintings by rising star Jammie Holmes that are situated in the DMA's dramatically lit central gallery. The 36-year-old Holmes paints intimate scenes of Black community and family life, using powerful color contrasts and strong, graphic compositional schemes.(Courtesy of the artist and Library Street Collective)
When an encyclopedic museum presents a new selection of works from its permanent collection, there are so many possibilities that any choice is freighted with significance. That is the case with the Dallas Museum of Art’s “To Be Determined,” which explores “hope and resilience” through several dozen artworks across six connected galleries.

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