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Transcripts For MSNBCW All In With Chris Hayes 20161112 04:00:00

organize. howard dean presided over the party at a time it did quite well, and the strategy he had was that they needed to compete in all 50
he was suggesting that the tens of thousands that you ve been seeing right now live out on the streets expressing their first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly, they re quote professional protesters that are part of a plot and that their presence can be blamed on the media. no less than the man who will soon be the most powerful person in the world assailing both the pregs of freedom of assembly and that constitutionally protected activity. the tweets at the top of the feed for all to see until this morning when he followed up with this, love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. joining me now filmmaker michael moore whose new film is michael moore in trumpland. you ve been monitoring the protests. they ve been quite organic. ....

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Transcripts For MSNBCW Hardball With Chris Matthews 20161206 00:00:00

widening as i speak, with new names added on like a traffic lineup in manhattan. there s still no indication that donald trump is anywhere near to making one of the key decisions of his presidency, who will serve as his chief diplomat. vice president-elect mike pence ran through some of the top contenders yesterday. i think everyone that he s talked to and has been talked about, whether it be a rudy giuliani or mitt romney or general petraeus or senator corker or john bolten, and others, bring extraordinary background and qualities to this. nbc news reports that several new names have been added to that list, even if they remain outside contenders. the associated press, meanwhile, is reporting that prospects of rudy giuliani and mitt romney, they say, are fading. the new names include jon huntsman, who was critical of trump during the campaign, but who wasn t also reportedly in the mix, ceo of exxonmobil, rex
the bulk of the time was with the president-elect, donald trum ....

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Transcripts For MSNBCW All In With Chris Hayes 20170404 00:00:00

nothing to do with his qualifications. they are opposed to donald trump pointing anyone to the supreme court. kneneil gorsuch a good man. it s the democrats who are breaking the rules, what they re doing is changing the 200 year status quo. the ironny is that you could have said the exact same things, regarding judge garland. that, of course, was president s garland s dom knee to fill the same vacancy who republicans refused to hold a single confirmation hearing, much less a vote. it was an unprecedented feet of obstruction. which mitch mcconnell on the campaign trail later, one of my proudest moments. the garland affairs seem to have taught democrats a lesson about the up sides of obstructionism and now with engaged based marching the streets and turning up the town hall showing to posed any kind of cooperation whatsoever with this president,
there s new in washington. just four democratic senators came out against a gorsuch fill buster, facing tough re-election battles ....

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Transcripts For CNNW Anderson Cooper 360 20170620 00:00:00

and tonight, a u.s. senator, marco rubio, has called his death murder. back on american soil, inka pass tated after 17 months in a north korean prison. his father s first words to his son. what did i say to my son? i knelt down by his side and i hugged him and i told him i missed him and i was so glad he made it home. reporter: but the 22-year-old was in a state of unresponsiveness waitfulness, damaged throughout his brain, rendering him able to brink and at times move, but there was nothing left of the adventurous young than that had departed nearly two years earlier. otto, i love you and i m so crazy about you, and i m so glad you re home. you are such a great guy. reporter: the north korean government claimed that warmbier contracted botulism, took a sleeping pill and fell into what they call a coma. a north korean mri confirmed the
he was accused and tried for hostile acts after the north korean government claimed he took down a propaganda poster in the hotel where ....

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Transcripts For MSNBCW All In With Chris Hayes 20170824 07:00:00

what he says in private conversations. he thinks this is an unfair attack against his presidency. but that these probes have expanded, mushroomed to different veins, different associates of him. there hasn t been any wrongdoing proven, of course, so far, but it s kind of gotten hotter and hotter over the past few months and that frustrated the president. he also gets frustrated when these senators are trying to take some of his autonomy away. he wanted to determine the bill on russian sanctions and exactly what would happen. he wants to be able to fire mueller if he chooses to do so. he says he doesn t want to, but he says if i have that option, i might want to take it. and he says he doesn t like being backed in a corner. so you see him really getting frustrated by these different measures. the latter point about mueller, there s a sanctions argument, we ll get to sanctions in a moment. the latter point about mueller, the president said he s not going to fire mueller and there ....

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