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50 States In 5 Days: How 4 Men Beat A Record And Bonded Forever

50 States In 5 Days: How 4 Men Beat A Record And Bonded Forever
3 hrs ago
Lisa Finn
© Courtesy Jim Froehlich.
Jim Froehlich (left) and his longtime friend from Jamesport who now lives in North Carolina Bill McSteen.
JAMESPORT, NY —Jim Froehlich, 59, of Jamesport recently set off on a journey to beat the record for being the fastest to traverse all 50 states, plus DC, but what ensued transcended a race against the clock — it was a journey rich with memories and forged bonds.
According to Thomas Cannon, whose idea sparked the odyssey, he and Justin Morris — along with Cannon's father-in-law Bill McSteen, 62, and Froehlich, McSteen's longtime friend from Jamesport — were intent on breaking the world record. And they did, coming in at 5 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes after a fierce and challenging trek across the nation.

50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America

50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America
Dana Meredith
Winter in Montana
Each year in Red Lodge, Montana our temperatures dip extremely quickly into subzero levels, as they were this day. Ice is always lighter than water, however there are conditions that do allow for ice to build up from the bottom of a water body. Known as anchor ice, it serves as a reminder that nature is in charge of the rules. –
Renee Lund, Red Lodge, Montana. If you're excited to look through these beautiful winter pictures, also take a look at these vintage photos of what winter used to look like.

Toking take - Philadelphia Weekly

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Icepack | Dec. 3-10
Of course I’d say this, that Philadelphia police and city officials should follow Oregon’s lead from the weekend and adopt the Beaver State’s newest laws decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs that will take effect Feb. 1, 2021, (the law, not the drugs. Hell, the drugs are kicking in right…about…now).
And, like Oregon’s Health Authority, substance abuse programs statewide that get funding should get it from monies that the state receives from any marijuana sales tax revenue. 
For those who keep discussing the merits of defunding the police – of which I am not fond: I didn’t buy a house in South Philly so that I COULDN’T have loud disputes with my neighbor or shoo away drunks from my steps or yell at a vendor on 9th Street because my beard got singed from the flames from an industrial waste can – a can which is burning year-round, and all without the benefit of official intervention – such radical decriminalization is a positive boon. 

Three Prominent Seattle Clothing Boutiques Close

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Three Prominent Seattle Clothing Boutiques Close
Momo, Baby & Company, and Can't Blame the Youth have all recently announced the end of their Seattle brick-and-mortars.
Zoe Sayler
9/22/2020 at 9:30am
Lei Ann Shiramizu and Tom Kleifgen say goodbye to Momo, the Japantown boutique they’ve owned for 13 years.
Ever since Governor Inslee's March 15 stay on in-person dining, all eyes have been on local restaurants: Could the beloved neighborhood businesses, so clearly built for face-to-face interactions with customers, adapt quickly enough to weather the pandemic?
But as diners dutifully ordered takeout, non-essential businesses like clothing boutiques shut their doors a bit more quietly on March 23—overshadowed by the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order announced the same day and left without an obvious backup plan. Curbside pickup didn’t become a legal option for Washington retailers until the start of May, forcing businesses to move operations online for over a month—fine for bigger retailers like Nordstrom, whose online presence is well-known, but potentially disastrous for boutiques like Momo, whose website wasn’t set up for making sales at the time of the shutdown.

Dodge Connection: 'When a little too much was just enough'

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Historic General Dodge House
I hear it all the time: A local will say, “Nope, I’ve not visited the Dodge House since I was a kid.” Or, to my complete dismay, a life-long resident will confess, “I’ve never visited.”
Don’t miss out! The Dodge House is the crown jewel of Council Bluffs.
Walking into the Historic General Dodge House is like walking into a time capsule; an opportunity to see and feel and understand the rhythms of life in an era so vastly different from ours. Given that we’ve all been staring at the same walls in our own dwellings these past few months, why not check out what entertained families in their homes in times long past?

A tribute to the collector Michael Hall (1926–2020)

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For many years 
Reader’s Digest ran a popular series of biographical sketches under the heading of ‘The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met’. I am certain that Michael Hall – the collector, art dealer and former actor who died last month at his home in Miami Beach at the age of 93, survived by his husband Thomas Malmberg – filled that role for most of his numerous friends and acquaintances. He retained from his early days in Hollywood the ability to command the immediate attention of every person in any room he entered. And he had an endlessly entertaining repertory of anecdotes and jokes that he could recite so well that no one who had heard him could retell them except by repeating Michael’s own words. There was no way to improve upon him, even if one wondered how much of the stories’ content was his own embellishment.

On her death bed, a Houston judge's wife asked him to 'marry Carolyn King.' So he did.

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A courtship four decades in the making: they met when Jimmy Carter tapped them for bench, wed 25 years later
Shortly before her death in 2003, Florence Reavley summoned her husband of six decades to their apartment in Bellingham, Wash., to make a pronouncement.
“When I die, I want you to marry Carolyn King,” she said, referring to her husband’s colleague on the federal appeals bench.
“Well, why would I do that?” Thomas Reavley asked, jolted by the suggestion, according to the story he’s told countless times.
“Because she will take good care of you,” his wife said. “If you don’t marry Carolyn King, you’ll go to seed, you’ll be a burden to your daughters.”

The Professional Cyclist Running A Team In The Heart Of Silicon Valley

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Inman Diaries is a weekly feature tracking the day-to-day activities of America’s leading real estate agents — in their own words over the course of a seven-day week. In our latest installment, Kat Carroll of the reSolve Group in Palo Alto balances the needs of her tech-savvy clientele with the obligations of running her 1-year-old real estate business.
Anton Eine / EyeEm
6:15 a.m. My cute 2-year-old alarm clock calls “Mama” and I’m up — the day has begun! I make coffee while he works the early stages of a career in building. Before most people go to work, we’ve already built houses and barns for 10 to 15 animals and figurines.

Should the Dalles Get a $500,000 TV Makeover?

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The Columbia Gorge city is in the running for a $500,000 makeover courtesy of Hulu and <em>Extreme Makeover</em>'s Ty Pennington.

Should the Dalles Get a $500,000 TV Makeover?

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The Columbia Gorge city is in the running for a $500,000 makeover courtesy of Hulu and <em>Extreme Makeover</em>'s Ty Pennington.

China photos show an era of change

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Written by Oscar Holland, CNN
For the last decade, Thomas Sauvin has been purchasing discarded color negatives by the kilogram from a recycling plant outside Beijing. The old 35-millimeter films capture family outings, weddings, birthdays, vacations -- anonymous, everyday memories that would otherwise be lost.
The trader he buys them from, Xiao Ma, usually dissolves the negatives in acid, alongside hospital X-rays and old CD-ROMs, in order to extract the small amount of silver within. But instead, Sauvin takes them away in big rice sacks to find out what else they contain.
Quite how the negatives found their way into people's trash remains a mystery to the French collector and artist. But with the help of a local technician, he scans them in batches before adding the images to his archive. 

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