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Residents Pledge To Fight Wind Farm Cable After State Gives Approval To Wainscott Cable Landing

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Residents Pledge To Fight Wind Farm Cable After State Gives Approval To Wainscott Cable Landing
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A "liftboat" off the shore of Wainscott in November.
New York State has approved the landing of the South Fork Wind Farm power cable at Beach Lane in Wainscott. Residents of the hamlet have vowed to continue fighting to force it elsewhere. Photo Courtesy Tim Regan/@southforksalt
A "liftboat" off the shore of Wainscott in November.
New York State has approved the landing of the South Fork Wind Farm power cable at Beach Lane in Wainscott. Residents of the hamlet have vowed to continue fighting to force it elsewhere. Photo Courtesy Tim Regan/@southforksalt

Icepack | Jan. 28-Feb. 4 - Philadelphia Weekly

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Icepack | Jan. 28-Feb. 4
Let’s start with something frivolous for once: Philly football (because how serious can anybody on that team – front office or backfield be – what with the stupid decisions they’ve all made since their last Super Bowl win) and the hiring of young Nick Sirianni as the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach. 
One, is there really a whiff of racism to be smelt and dealt among the Eagles executive branch, as is rumored, considering how longtime Eagles assistant head coach Duce Staley got passed over for the top job, not once, but, twice? The Duce rocks, and if he was passed over due to any quotas or agendas beyond winning, fuck them. No wonder he’s asked to be released from his contract. The Detroit Lions certainly had no problem hiring the Duce. 

Mr. Wilson's second act: Virtuoso's progression from SF Opera to middle-school classroom

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Mr. Wilson's second act: Virtuoso's progression from SF Opera to middle-school classroom
Tim Wilson, music director at Lovonya DeJean Middle School, plays the trumpet during the Spring Concert.Lea Suzuki/The Chronicle
Tim Wilson steps onto the small stage platform, raises his baton and asks the 100 or so students seated before him to settle down. Music, he tells them, is painted on a canvas of silence — a lovely metaphor that has no effect. The October dress rehearsal for the middle school band’s first concert of the year is not going well.
Wilson waits. The hum of conversation continues, punctuated by an occasional clarinet’s revolt or trumpet’s yawp. The canvas at Lovonya DeJean Middle School in Richmond is rarely silent. So the music teacher waits some more.

'Not possible' to prevent a decline in Fife's road conditions after budget cuts

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The state of Fife’s roads has deteriorated in the past year and is likely to get worse as budgets are cut, it has been warned.
Fife Council is taking far longer to fix potholes and other defects than a decade ago and now has a significant backlog of work.
Repairs were further hit by the Covid-19 lockdown at the end of the financial year, when only a very limited inspection and patching service was available.

Tim Hortons rolls out Froot Loops-inspired treats - Grand Rapids Business Journal

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Tim Hortons rolls out Froot Loops-inspired treats
Courtesy Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons is introducing a pair of new treats inspired by a Kellogg’s breakfast cereal.
The quick-service chain unveiled its newest Dream Donut and Timbits Donuts inspired by Battle Creek-based Kellogg’s breakfast Froot Loops cereal, the Froot Loops Dream Donut.
The Froot Loops Dream Donut consists of “a sweet doughnut featuring a strawberry icing base topped with colorful Froot Loops cereal and white icing drizzle,” Tim Hortons said.
Froot Loops Timbits are “a citrus cake doughnut hole with a glazed exterior, covered with colorful crushed Froot Loop pieces,” the company said.

Small Business Week Has Been Postponed. That's Why Celebrating Now Is More Important Than Ever

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Photo: Courtesy Tim Casey/Illustration: Grey Thornberry
Editor's Note: Although the official Small Business Week has been postponed, we at Inc. feel it's always appropriate to recognize the teams and companies that serve the needs of their communities and help keep Main Street humming--and not just for one week!
Caut?ion plus creativity. For small businesses during the pandemic, that's a pretty good survival formula.
Andrew Dana is co-owner and founder of Call Your Mother Deli and Timber Pizza, in Washington, D.C., and a smaller offshoot of Timber and a bar in Arlington, Virginia. The businesses have an aggregate revenue of $8 million. Brick-and-mortar sales (Dana also does farmers markets and catering) are down just 10 percent. The company's 144 employees all remain on payroll.

Scarlet Rivera and the Bluefish - The Martha's Vineyard Times

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The Martha's Vineyard Times
Scarlet Rivera and the Bluefish
How a pop icon used Island connections to produce her new album.
1 of 8
Kevin Medeiros, Delanie Pickering, Johnny Hoy, Scarlet Rivera, Tim Goodman, and Jeremy Berlin at the Ritz. —Courtesy Tim Goodman
JB Lamont, Scarlet Rivera and Tim Goodman at Goodman's home studio. —Courtesy Tim Goodman
—Courtesy Tim Goodman
Scarlet Rivera in Greece in 2019. —Courtesy Scarlet Rivera
Scarlet Rivera —Courtesy Scarlet Rivera
Tim Goodman and Scarlet Rivera prior to the premier of Martin Scorsese's documentary, "Rolling Thunder Revue" at Lincoln Center. —Courtesy Tim Goodman
Scarlet Rivera at the premiere of Martin Scorsese's documentary "Rolling Thunder Revue," at Lincoln Center. —Courtesy Scarlet Rivera

Good Day Jan. 2-4, 2020 – The San Francisco Examiner

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Good Day Jan. 2-4, 2020
Head Over Heels, PolySHAMory, Death Valley High, A Year with Frog and Toad, Marty Nemko, This Charming Band, Vintage Paper Fair, When Doves Cry
Jan. 2, 2020 1:30 a.m.
Head Over Heels: New Conservatory Theatre Center continues its run (through Jan. 12) of the fun Go-Go’s jukebox musical following the adventures of a 16th century royal family. [8 p.m., 25 Van Ness Ave., S.F.]
PolySHAMory: Kate Robarts opens a month-long run of her funny solo show about a polyamorous marriage that goes wrong with the first of multiple preview performances. [8 p.m., Marsh, 1062 Valencia St., S.F.]

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Many aspects of the Mother of God are held up at Rosary Bowl
A family prays during the Rosary Bowl in Salem Oct. 5. Mass, devotions, talks and displays filled the day. (Courtesy Tim Nitschke/St. Peter Parish, Portland)
11/4/2019 4:37 PM
Fr. Theodore Lange elevates the monstrance during the Rosary Bowl. In a talk, Fr. Lange urged Catholics to keep asking Mary for help in converting the world.
A boy arranges flowers in front of an icon of Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians during the Rosary Bowl in Salem Oct. 5. (Courtesy Tim Nitschke/St. Peter Parish, Portland)

SALEM — What began as a cold foggy morning transitioned into a glorious sun-filled day as the Rosary Bowl convened at the Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion here. The name of the city, Salem, is rooted in shalom, the Hebrew word for peace and harmony.

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