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Icepack | Jan. 28-Feb. 4 - Philadelphia Weekly

Icepack | Jan. 28-Feb. 4
Let’s start with something frivolous for once: Philly football (because how serious can anybody on that team – front office or backfield be – what with the stupid decisions they’ve all made since their last Super Bowl win) and the hiring of young Nick Sirianni as the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach. 
One, is there really a whiff of racism to be smelt and dealt among the Eagles executive branch, as is rumored, considering how longtime Eagles assistant head coach Duce Staley got passed over for the top job, not once, but, twice? The Duce rocks, and if he was passed over due to any quotas or agendas beyond winning, fuck them. No wonder he’s asked to be released from his contract. The Detroit Lions certainly had no problem hiring the Duce. 

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Mr. Wilson's second act: Virtuoso's progression from SF Opera to middle-school classroom

Mr. Wilson's second act: Virtuoso's progression from SF Opera to middle-school classroom
Tim Wilson, music director at Lovonya DeJean Middle School, plays the trumpet during the Spring Concert.Lea Suzuki/The Chronicle
Tim Wilson steps onto the small stage platform, raises his baton and asks the 100 or so students seated before him to settle down. Music, he tells them, is painted on a canvas of silence — a lovely metaphor that has no effect. The October dress rehearsal for the middle school band’s first concert of the year is not going well.
Wilson waits. The hum of conversation continues, punctuated by an occasional clarinet’s revolt or trumpet’s yawp. The canvas at Lovonya DeJean Middle School in Richmond is rarely silent. So the music teacher waits some more.

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