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I-49 Northbound reopens following crash

Carencro Police said I-49 Northbound is currently closed at exit 4 due to a crash and ask motorists to avoid the area.

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40 killed in Pakistan bus crash: Govt

Pakistan - At least 40 people died when a bus plunged off a bridge in southwestern Pakistan and burst into flames, a government official said...

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Crews working on overturned semi crash on I-24 East in Davidson County

Crews are working to resolve an overturned semi crash on I-24 Eastbound in Davidson County this morning.

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

this weapon is that they have no way to shoot it down. of the more than 200, they say have been fired at this territory, not a single one has been shot down. pam? >> scott mclean, thank you. devastating news out of nepal. a commercial plane carrying 72 passengers crashed during a short flight from the capital. 68 of the 72 people on board are confirmed dead in what appears to be the country's worst air disaster in 30 years. the cause of this crash is not clear, but footage circulating on social media shows the twin engine turbo prop turning on its side moments before slamming into a deep gorge. nepal's government has declared monday a national public day of mourning to honor those victims. the white house is scrambling tonight after more classified documents were found at president biden's home in delaware. how serious will this become? i'll ask former republican congressman and new cnn political commentator, adam

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

hit trees, going over a small hill, and landing, crashing, and finally resting by the side of an apartment complex. willock and lecroy, they died from their injuries. two other football program members that were inside of that car, they have survived, one with minor injuries, another with serious injuries. from the football roster, we know that willock, he was from new jersey, an offensive lineman, a red shirt sophomore, and he played every game this year. and take a look at this video of the team just yesterday, hours before that crash, celebrating the national championship victory. so many people out there, fans, the student community cheering them on and this victory at a parade here in athens. i spoke with a bulldogs fan who was at that parade route and came out to pay his respects at the scene of the crash. here's what he said.

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

more in december than they did a year ago. on average, families have paid an extra $82 for shelter, $72 for food, and $47 for utilities. the good news here, inflation appears to be cooling off in recent months, compared to its peak last june. dramatic scenes out of san diego, as firefighters rescued an injured driver after a crash left his vehicle dangling off a cliff. look at this. the team battled heavy winds and rain, first securing the suv, and then air lifting that driver out of the rocks and into safety. firefighters say the driver was parked on the side of the road there when the vehicle suddenly and unexplain bli lurched over the edge. terrifying. it is one thing to be miss usa and another to be miss universe. how about being crowned both? gabrielle beat runners up to be crowned the 71st miss universe on saturday night. you may remember her viral moon

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

turn. just hours after the university of georgia held this joyous parade to celebrate their team's winning college football's national championship, one of their players is killed in a car crash. 20-year-old devin willock died at the scene. the driver, 24-year-old football staff member, chandler lecroy, died at the hospital. isabelle, how is the community reacting to this tragedy? >> reporter: pamela, this loss is a gut punch to the community. some students and fans coming out outside of the stadium here, leaving flowers and writing on this sign right behind me, 77. that was his number. here's what we know so far from the athens-clark county police department. all of this unfolding early in the morning, 2:45 a.m., where their car for some reason left the road, striking two power poles, snapping the power lines in half, and continuing on to

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

as a way to help those who need it most. (kathryn) now, after this year's event, subaru and our retailers are proud to have donated over two hundred and fifty million dollars to charity. (brent) just tremendously satisfying to know that we're doing something that's helping other people. every car company wants to sell you a car, but none of them give back like subaru. hi, i'm jason and i've lost 202 pounds on golo.

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

turning on its side moments before the crash. nepal's government has declared monday a national public day of mourning to honor the victims. well, much more ahead tonight in the "cnn newsroom" on this sunday. a classified documents scandal, a budget crisis, and figuring out how to work with republicans. house democrats have a lot on their plates right now. i'll talk to one of the newest members up next. plus, social media may not just be addicting. some people believe it is fueling a mental health crisis among teens and young adults. and then later, a family demands answers after a high school english teacher dies during an incident with l.a. police. one of three officer-involved deaths for the department in one week. show your sore throat who's boss. mucinex instasoothe. works in seconds, lasts for hours. lomita feed is 101 years old this year and counting.

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

georgia bulldogs football player devin woolock died here at the scene. just hours prior to the crash, the team had just celebrated their national championship victory. >> it's almost an apocalyptic scene we're seeing at this site. what was a residential building in dnipro. with every second that passes, the chances of finding people alive are dwindling. a jet airliner crashed on sunday in nepal. >> it lost contact with air traffic control and moments later it crashed into a gorge. >> president biden at ebenezer baptist church. >> this is a time of choosing. dr. king's life and legacy show us the way. >> you can't ignore the political undertones even as the conversation has been so dominated by these classified documents.

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