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>> reporter: the pilot of the salt lake to l.a. fight burned off fuel and turned around for an emergency landing. >> but i don't have any cockpit indications of fire, so, it might just be in the engine. but certainly when we land we're going to need a crash crew. >> reporter: fire crews greeted the jet on the ground. what's actually happening here is called a surge, or compressor stall. think of it like a car backfiring. while surges like today's in salt lake city can be frightening, especially for those sitting next to the engine, they rarely threaten an aircraft or cause damage to the engine. david? >> all right, david, thank you. when we come back here tonight, authorities say a murder streamed on facebook live today, and this evening, the photo of the suspect. they have just now put out. also, the young med student viciously attacked and killed inside a public library. there is news on that case tonight. and i mentioned that mysterious disappearance of a cdc employee. hasn't been seen since he left work sick two weeks ago. what authorities are now saying. he left work sick two weeks ago. what authorities are now saying. re now saying.

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