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Here are 10 Hartford roads with the most crashes since 2020. Main Street tops the list.

The city has added a bike lane to Wethersfield Avenue near the 200 block where a cyclist was fatally hit from behind in 2020 by someone driving as much as 90 mph, according to Michael Looney, director of public works.

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Tesla blames drivers who wreck its cars but won't hand over crash data without a court order

There have been a long series of accidents and crashes involving Tesla vehicles, but consumers say the automaker makes it difficult to see the data.

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How Batavia police are addressing spate of fatal crashes

The Batavia Police department will increase enforcement of distracted and aggressive driving as a response to a series of high-profile fatal crashes within the city.

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Model Predicts Traffic Accidents Before They Occur Using Artificial Intelligence

Trained with historical crash data, road map inputs, satellite imagery and GPS location, a sophisticated AI model can now prepare high-resolution crash mapping that researchers say will lead to safer roads.

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