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Melvindale man back home after a month behind bars in Saudi Arabia prison

A Melvindale man is back home with his family Thursday after a month in a Saudi Arabian prison. He was detained after making angry comments during a pilgrimage to Mecca with his two sons.

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Michigan Medicine announces plans to acquire Sparrow Health System

In addition to its main campus in downtown Lansing, Sparrow has a St. Lawrence campus and hospitals in Charlotte, St. Johns, Ionia and Carson City.

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Michigan man MOONS female judge during bond hearing

Hassan Chokr, 35, dropped his pants and bared his bum in front of the female judge during a bond hearing after he was accused of hurling anti-Semitic slurs outside a temple.

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Are These Still The 10 Best Restaurants In Detroit?

Restaurant Reviews Worldwide has named ten Detroit restaurants as the city's best, but are they still the best the Motor City has to offer?

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Mayor Mike Duggan exercises emergency powers to fund paratransit services

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is putting out an emergency contract tonight that will continue paratransit services in the City of Detroit for the next 6 months.

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Farmington Hills police issue stranger danger alert

The Farmington Hills Police Department issued a stranger danger alert after an alleged incident that happened Wednesday afternoon near a bus stop.

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Bags to Butterflies: Create your own purses while helping formerly incarcerated women

A Detroit nonprofit, Bags to Butterflies, helps women after they are released from prison. Now, you can design and make your own bags while supporting the program.

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'I don't understand why I'm still here.' Paul Whelan speaks from Russia

It’s been nearly 4 years since Paul Whelan was last his home in Novi. With the news that another American has been released from Russia, he says he’s disappointed with the Biden administration.

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Attempted smash-and-grab robbery at gun store caught on tape

A smash-and-grab robbery was attempted at a gun store in Dearborn Heights early this morning. Two thieves rammed a red Hyundai sedan straight into Esko Guns.

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