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dying in front of me, and i can't do anything. charles manson is the mystical leader of the hippie cult suspected of killing sharon tate and at least six other people in los angeles. at 11am this morning, just half a metre of rock separated - britain from continental europe _ it took the drills just i a few moments to cut through the final obstacle. then philippe cozette, a miner| from calais, was shaking hands and exchanging flags| with robert fagg, his opposite number from dover. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm karishma vaswani

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

the past, celebrating, but not taking our eye off what is in front of us. >> great, because there is so much more work left to be done. i wonder when you look at the results of these past elections, what did they tell you about what it is that we're really driving win into those polls. the fact that you are talking about the economy in this upcoming summit gives me a sense that you think that's where the focus needs to be? >> right, and we saw, regrettably, because of covid, a lot of the advances women had achieved got pulled back. earlier in the show, lisa, you are talking about childcare and how that hurt women's ability to really take part in the economy. so i think you put it all together because not mutually exclusive. it is covid-19. it is the reversal of roe v. wade. it is understanding that the human rights of many of our women, our minority women, are being taken for granted. so i don't think we can

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

recently finished in kyiv, the actors took their bows, they then let loose, shouting, glory to ukraine! and what to the audience tailback? they said, glory to the heroes! joining me now is one of those heroes, that's kira -- a member of the ukraine parliament and leader of the -- political party. thank you so much for joining me tonight, i really appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. >> of course, look, i first want to congratulate you on being just recognized as the most influential political women in europe. so just tell me what that is been like for you. >> it's acknowledgment of the work that is being done by so many people to prove and explain what is going on in ukraine. and of course, i dedicate this award to ukrainian women who have been amazing and doing so many things during this war. starting from fighting in the front, to working under humanitarian fronts. to being breadwinners for their

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Political Thinking with Nick...

times in byker grove, which was a high point of my childhood. now, remind us for people who don�*t know byker grove, the great tv show, ant and dec. yeah, it was around that time. yeah. and you were... what, an extra? oh, i did — i was a, i played a part going into a school and i played a part hanging around a music venue, waiting for a group or something to arrive. so this, you know, the way these things work on television, it takes, you know, all day to get a very, very short clip of a group of us kind of walking into, walking into the front of a school or whatever it was. but what�*s fascinating about that story is that your mum thought you needed to build confidence. she thought that mattered. that was part of your education. i think it does matter and it matters that kids feel confident and don�*t feel held back because of their background. and it wasn�*t, i think just because i was shy, it was because, you know, kids from backgrounds like mine get told all too often what they shouldn�*t do or can�*t do. and it�*s about having confidence in what you can achieve. and my granddad was the same — he was forever, certainly where it comes to young women,

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The Eighties

night live" would continue at all, whether it would just die. >> the press hasn't been very overly kind. >> yeah, i read that stuff. is "saturday night live" "saturday night dead"? >> oh, man, come on. >> my favorite is "vile from new york." >> please, come on. >> that's funny, that's funny. >> they were having a hard time. and then came the man that saved the show, eddie murphy. there was buzz about him, so you tuned in. and there was this kind of explosion of talent in front of your eyes. ♪ >> it really kind of rejuvenated the show. >> i am gumby, dammit! you don't talk to me that way! >> after awhile, the show regained its status and its clout and became even more of an institution than it had been. >> hey, bob. >> hey, peters. looks great today. >> listen, if you're unhappy with my work, tell me now! >> you're through, you hear me, through! you'll never work in this town again! >> don't leave me hanging by a thread. let me know where i stand! >> we were a little worried at first because we had a new cast.

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The Eighties

and there was also just the idea that it was this sort of low-rent thing. it was this sort of by the seat of their pants kind of operation that gave it an authenticity. >> now that our programming day has been extended i'm going to be spending -- >> where do you want me to put the kielbasa, mrs. brickley? >> put it in the fridge, butch. >> you were rooting for the show and the characters they created. there was something you got behind. whereas “snl” right from the gate and through the '80s was this big enterprise. >> after five golden years, lorne decided to leave and so did those close to him, including me, al franken. so nbc had to pick a new producer. now most knowledgeable people, as you might imagine, hoped it would be me, al franken. >> well, there was a real question of whether "saturday

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Political Thinking with Nick...

and chased the lads who abandoned the car at the railway line and — and ran along. and we, yeah, were burgled on a number of occasions. we reported it. my mam stood up to the people who were responsible for it, the people that live locally, and we got our windows put in more than once as a result. what, because you�*d made a stand? because we took a stand against it. because, you know, my mam wasn�*t prepared to tolerate our community experiencing that kind of terrible behaviour. it affected everyone, you know, there were many people who were just too frightened to do anything about it. my mam, being a pretty tough character, decided that she wasn�*t going to stand for it. what did that look like, you know, taking a stand? do you remember? was your mum literally standing up in front of teenage hoodlums and saying, you know, "stop it!" she was. and they came to our door to intimidate us. at least on one occasion, armed. on one occasion with a baseball bat in order to intimidate her into not — not reporting any of this to the police.

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ABC World News Tonight With David Muir

the former president claimed the dinner which happened last tuesday was supposed to be between just him and kanye and said, quote, he arrived with a guest who i had never met and knew nothing about. in response to the dinner, the republican jewish coalition called on all political leaders to reject kanye and fuentes' hate and refuse to meet with them. trump's own former ambassador to israel put out a scathing statement, too. he said even a social visit with fuentes was unacceptable. he urged trump to disavow them. tonight, still no response from gop leadership on the dinner. linsey. >> quiet on that front. maryalice, thank you. >> we turn now to china, the unprecedented covid protests sparking chaos. police were out in force in shanghai and across china, clashing with demonstrators, some of whom are demanding the ouster of president xi and renewed concerns about the international supply chain. here's lama hasan from london. >> reporter: tonight, riot police cracking down across

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BBC News

i was back in ukraine during the war, then i came here, and our houses are destroyed and people are missing. how could this happen? then, a mass to bring solace to those seeking answers in tragedy. their minds turned to the moment the earth broke away and engulfed their lives — an island overwhelmed by itself. mark lowen, bbc news, ischia. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: we'll have the story behind this world cup picture and we'll tell you who's in and who's out of the tournament. it's quite clear that the worst victims of this disaster are the poor people living in the slums which have sprung up around the factory. i'm feeling so helpless that the children are dying in front of me, and i can't do anything.

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The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton

testimony in front of congress and i look forward to republicans having control of the house at a minimum to get him back under oath to question him about these issues. but ultimately is the destruction of the public health bureaucrats because thing you want to take a covid test before thanksgiving dinner and that you cannot dial it down even after a third thanksgiving he has broken many people and unfortunately they are on the far left. steve: i was just on vacation with one family member who came here from england and said why do you question everything? i think it's the right mindset to have. wonderful to see you. thank you so much. for tumors the people of iran have been bravely standing up to the vicious brutality of

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