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How to end power struggles at the family dinner table, according to a parenting coach

Parenting coach Emma Wright tells Joanna Wane why keeping kids a healthy weight while making sure they love their bodies can be an impossible task. How did...

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Israel-Hamas war: US envoy says Israel has not presented evidence Hamas diverted UN aid deliveries

Israel has not presented specific evidence for its claim that Hamas is diverting UN aid, and its recent targeted killings of Gaza police commanders...

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Till dementia do us part: The heartbreak of putting a sick spouse into care

Even as the signals of approaching dementia became impossible to ignore, Joseph Drolet dreaded the prospect of moving his partner into a long-term care...

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Putin: Russia's defeat in Ukraine impossible

WASHINGTON: President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with controversial right-wing US journalist Tucker Carlson released Thursday that the West should understand it is 'impossible' to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

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Mission impossible or a miracle? Napier man Campbell Gray's crack at Coast to Coast

Young Napier sportsman Campbell Gray is adamant: “I can’t live a life without sport”. But it has particular meaning, for, having battled back from near-fatal...

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The war the world can't see: The life-threatening challenges of reporting from Gaza

From outside Gaza, the scale of death and destruction is impossible to grasp, shrouded by communications blackouts, restrictions barring international...

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Eat Streat Rotorua's Urban Gusto sounds off at noise limits

The co-owner of a busy Rotorua bar and eatery slapped with a noise warning says it has lost business because of regulations he believes are “impossible” to...

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BBC News at Ten

in the 101 days since the war began, hamas has released several videos, some showing hostages alive, sometimes dead, but this video will prove particularly difficult for many israelis because it was released in three stages, the first showing hostages apparently alive and well, the second this morning suggested some of them may be dead and tonight the third video shows two of the main hostages killed and the third hostage, noa argamani, reading a statement clearly under duress, suggesting they had been killed in israeli air strikes, and that�*s impossible to verify the dub israel has accused hamas of committing psychological torture on hostages. this comes at a very difficult stage in this conflict for the death following gaza is now more than 24,000. i the death following gaza is now more than 211,000. i think the net result of this is that the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, will come under increasing pressure to do more to release the remaining hostages, about 130 of them, because

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all these threats. >> all righterating . great work. another broken story. john solomon, appreciateanotheu you being with us. just a newscom now, despite all the serious allegationg wis of corruption against joe biden and the constant embarrassing embarrassmenmt from his adultolc son and the fallout from his policy failures, the obvious cognitive decline, nancy pelosi made a pretty unusual statement about biden's chief political rival. sh made said it's impossible for donald trump to be presidentno,s again. so it's not impossible. maybe she seen the recent polling. >> take a look. thisn th a neck and neck race and no one feels very comfortable on the democrati r cwon' side of things that donald trump isn't going to be the next president. >> but i t think that nobody feels i think many of us know that if n the impossible for him to be the president again. what is it proposing?th they didn't think itey d wasid possible the first time either. but what did the former speakero exactly? n

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