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Hrishikesh Kanitkar brings calm, we need someone like that: Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur on new batting coach

Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur praised the newly appointed batting coach Hrishikesh Kanitkar, saying that he brings much-needed calm presence and experience to

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in 2018 twitter's then head of legal policy and trust and head of products said we do not shadow ban. they added: and we certainly don't shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology. but they lied. one senior twitter employee said think about visibility filtering as being a way for us to suppress what people see at different levels. it's a very powerful tool. more: think about visibility filtering as ache way for us to suppress. yes, we that one. all right. let's bring in fox business reporter kelly o'grady who has been following this story as it unfolds. so, a secret blacklist that they lied about, kelly. what is happening here? >> i know, it's so interesting, jesse. and, of course, leave it to elon musk to keep us all held hostage on a thursday evening like he did for last friday. i think it's interesting.

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placed him on a trends blacklist. that means your tweets can't trend and if they can't defend p trend that means they are censoring you and your wider message can't get out you mentioned some conservative voices, like charlie kirk, his twitter account was hit with do not amplify. that also means there is no way for charlie kirk or whatever he treats to trend and he's made this a public fight. he has noticed this, he has brought this out, and he has toll everybody that this is happening. of course, twitter would say all the time, no, because we don't do that. we can certainly expect more conservatives to appear on the list, considering the evidence has pointed in that direction for years. but in 2018, the head of legal policy, as you say, stated we don't shadow ban. here's the big thing. the drop we understand, we hope, will have some moral information on what exactly the f.b.i.'s role was in warning twitter

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Asian Shares Mixed Ahead Of US Inflation Data

CANBERA (dpa-AFX) - Asian stocks traded mixed on Friday as the latest data showed Chinese consumer and producer inflation eased further in November due to COVID-related disruptions. China's consumer

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some drops. >> the labor rails of last century, remember, they used to celllish in these old stories about how conservative blacklisted communist sympathizers. look who is doing it tonight? tonight we learned before elon, they would have teams of twitter employees bull blacklists. they would prevent disfavored tweets from trending and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics all in secret without informing users. to their busy ban of censors, they called it the strategic response team, the global escalation team and included, check this out, the head of legal policy and, ironically trust, the global head of trust

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paranoid paranoid conspiracy theorists. >> now we realize that it was a canard. >> talks about censorship and shadowbanning which there has been no real proof of. >> laura: no real proof of? the only thing held up was legitimate public debate and scientific evidence and there is plenty of evidence and it was worse than just mere suppression. toward the end of the thread, it becomes clear that some within the twitter leadership developed something like a god complex. in early 2021, ironically, the global head of trust and safety, then unwittingly fingered dorsey for approving of the censorship and even used the word "integrity" to describe what they were doing. we got jack on-board with implementing this for civic integrity in the near term but we'll need to make a more robust

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why stop them this is consumer reparations. should we stop them? we can't blame the employees this is just a way of life paid this tool more than $35,000 worth of merchandise and one suspect was overheard making a general threat of physical violence there that is it for u tonight. "gutfeld" is next. here we go. delicious delicious water. happy thursday, everyone picked let's get into the holiday spirit and bomb mexico.

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integrity policy-policy escalation support and that secret committee included the little head of legal, and ceo jack dorsey. weiss reports that this is where the biggest most politically sensitive decisions got made of. including the popular controversia @libsoftiktok account. weiss writes that twitter denied all these practices in 2018. twitter said, "we do not shadow banned and we certainly don't shadow banned based on political viewpoints for ideology." elon musk tweeted that twitter is working to reveal your true account status and if you have been shadow banned, why that happened, and how you can appeal. >> trace: there will be more twitter files coming. matt finn, will get that in as well. the biden the administration secure the release of american basketball player brittney griner from russia.

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