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An Avengers Legend Has Died

Legendary comic book artist and writer George Pérez worked for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics on pivotal titles and events. RIP.

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Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Review: Pretty Good

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Review: Pretty Good
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If you're looking to spend five dollars to read some very, very funny Spider-Man lines as he battles someone that (on paper) should be way out of his weight class, well, this is likely gonna get you right in the web-shooters. If you're looking for someone wielding an infinity stone as part of the "Infinite Destinies" lightweight crossover, sure, we've got some of that. If you're looking for the new character Star to become a thing, you're probably still waiting for "fetch" to happen, and you'll likely be just as unfulfilled.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Cover. Credit: Marvel

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Marvel Comics & Heroes Reborn #2 Spoilers & Review: History Rewritten In Blood With Invaders In, But Avengers Out!

History Rewritten In Blood With Invaders In, But Avengers Out!
The book has a few more variant covers too in addition to the above.
Plus the main cover.
…we also get a creators credits page.
We open in the past and readers quickly realize that the world didn’t need the Fantastic Four to handle the coming of Galactus and the Silver Surfer as…
…the Squadron Supreme of America’s Hyperion took care of the threat once and for all.
Hyperion is also Mark Milton, a school teacher, through which we learn of this world’s long standing mystery about what happened to Captain America after World War II.

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