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New method to develop fibre reinforced plastic composites from wastepaper - Canadian Plastics

New method to develop fibre reinforced plastic composites from wastepaper
University of Iowa engineers have received nearly $1 million to improve the speed and reduce the labour costs of remanufacturing recycled wastepaper.
March 31, 2021  
Canadian Plastics
Photo Credit: Stock.adobe
A new mash-up of additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and waste paper might just result in a bigger supply of high-value fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) composites.
Behind the project is a simple economic truth: Recycling wastepaper for reuse as new paper requires extensive cleaning and refinement of the fibres so the new product is free of inks, adhesives, and dyes. So, instead of turning old paper and cardboard into new paper, engineers at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, are working to enhance the process of turning wastepaper into FRP composites.

University of Iowa engineers receive $1 million to turn wastepaper into plastic

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Elizabeth Miglin | March 25, 2021
Earlier this month, University of Iowa engineers Xuan Song, Chao Wang, and H.S. Udaykumar, in partnership with Impossible Objects, Inc., received nearly $1 million from the REMADE Institute for their project to improve the speed and reduce the labor costs of remanufacturing recycled wastepaper. 
The project aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) and smart additive manufacturing (AM) technology to turn recycled paper and cardboard into high-value fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites. Aerospace, automotive, marine and construction industries use FRPs in most advanced engineering structures. Increasingly, FRPs have replaced heavier and more expensive infrastructure materials and systems, such as steel and concrete. 

UI engineers receive nearly $1 million to develop new methods to recycle paper into fiber reinforced plastic composites | College of Engineering

The University of Iowa College of Engineering is located in Iowa City, Iowa. Programs include biomedical, chemical and biochemical, civil and environmental, electrical and computer, industrial, and mechanical engineering.

Pixel Scroll 10/10/20 Schrödinger's Box Remains Both Ticked And Unticked At The Same Time Until You Pixel It

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…For their research, the organization pooled all titles on the NYT List from June 22, 2008 to March 29, 2020. They then determined the top 100 titles from the NYT list based on the number of times it appeared on the lists in that time frame, and each of those titles was subtracted from its average ranking on the list. This made for a total of 716 unique titles.
Once those titles were identified, the top 100 reviews on Goodreads—the reader’s view of books—were pulled. The researchers looked at how many times those titles appeared on the NYT List, then subtracted this from the average list ranking. A book’s total score was calculated using this number, as well as the average Goodreads starred rating for the title….

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Awards Ten DINOs in Virutual Presentation

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Additive Manufacturing Users Group Awards Ten DINOs in Virutual Presentation
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The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) presented its prestigious DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award for additive manufacturing expertise and service to ten individuals. In lieu of an on-stage ceremony at the annual AMUG Conference, the DINO award presentations were a virtual event.
AMUG’s 2020 DINO Award recipients: (top row, left to right) Jeff DeGrange, Bob Diaz, Leslie Frost, Youping Gao, Ed Graham; (bottom row) Paul Hojan, Evan Kirby, Ulf Lindhe, Dana McCallum and Bob Wood.
These are unprecedented times, so we took the unprecedented step of making virtual award presentations.

3D-Printed Carbon Fiber Composites for Lightweight Aircraft Parts

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Image Credit: andrey_l/
The aviation industry is currently seeing a shift towards urban air mobility aircraft capable of carrying 1-8 passengers. The dream of personalized flying vehicles was conceived as far back as the 19
th century, with nearly 80 filed patents on flying cars at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The earliest design of a flying car dates back to 1917 when Glenn Curtis built the Autoplane. The design featured a triplane configuration with a four-blade pusher propeller attached to an aluminum body fuselage inspired by the model T.
The vision of urban air mobility vehicles faces several challenges that have to be overcome before it can be considered a viable means of transportation.

GameWorks, Inc. Names Three Independent Directors to Its Board; Total Seats at Six |

1 year ago
Company Strengthens Board with Appointments of Industry Veterans in Gaming, Finance and Software
SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GWBoard—GameWorks, Inc., an esports and entertainment company for millennials, teens and families with seven locations nationwide, announced today the appointment of three independent directors to its Board of Directors. Effective immediately, the Board will consist of six members in total.
Holly Gagnon, Eric Mersch and Len Wanger were each named members of the Board of Directors joining existing members Philip N. Kaplan, Chairman of the Board, also Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Randall Abrahams and Luke LaHaie, who serve as executive chairman and director, respectively at ExWorks Capital, owner of GameWorks.

Vive Developer Jam 2020: Three Days, Late Nights & Eye Tracking Dedication

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Videogame jams are quite popular within the indie community, offering a chance for developers to not only network in a casual environment but more importantly, throw around some crazy ideas they might not necessarily make in their professional lives. January saw HTC Vive hold its first developer jam in five years, created in collaboration with Admix, Goldsmiths University of London and
VRFocus. The jam saw 11 teams compete for prizes by utilising the latest virtual reality (VR) hardware, coming up with fun, innovative solutions over an intense weekend. 
Rather than simply making any old VR videogame or app, participants had a little more structure thanks to the hardware on offer. Each team had two HTC Vive Pro Eye’s to play with – the company’s latest enterprise-focused headset – meaning eye-tracking needed to feature in some way. For additional points, they could also use a lip tracking prototype module, Admix’s advertising software development kit (SDK), Vive’s hand-tracking SDK or TgO’s upcoming etee hand controller to showcase novel ways of implementing these features in VR applications.

Science and Culture: How a conference focused on algorithms balances serious math with computational whimsy

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Computer scientist Erik Demaine and his collaborators proved, mathematically, that it’s possible to create any shape by folding a piece of paper and making exactly one straight cut. This work became a presentation at the first FUN with Algorithms conference. Image credit: Erik Demaine (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA).
The 17 presentations suggested peculiar offerings. One explored an algorithmic answer to the question, “What if mathematicians were asked to diffuse bombs?” Using an idea from abstract number theory, the researchers described a generalized solution to a problem posed in the 1995 movie,
Die Hard with a Vengeance. Another presentation focused on how to help a baker optimize his bagel selection to maximize profits. Still another carefully delineated the rules requisite for a trick, popularized by magician Harry Houdini in the 1920s, that entails folding a piece of paper, making one straight cut with scissors, and producing a recognizable shape.

3D printing in oil and gas: Key technology trends revealed

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3D printing in oil and gas: Key technology trends revealed
GlobalData Thematic Research
5 November 2019 (Last Updated December 23rd, 2019 11:24)
3D printing has tremendous potential in the oil and gas industry in delivering productivity gains, according to GlobalData.
GlobalData has identified the key technology trends impacting the 3D printing industry.
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3D printing has tremendous potential in the oil and gas industry in delivering productivity gains, according to GlobalData. It is expected to gain further market penetration and find new use cases with greater collaboration between industry and technology players in developing more purpose-built 3D printing materials and solutions.
Here are the key technology trends impacting the 3D printing industry, as identified by GlobalData.

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