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How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat

In 2019, Burger King Sweden released a plant-based burger, the Rebel Whopper, and the reaction was underwhelming. So, the company challenged its customers to taste the difference.
Burger King Sweden created menu item where customers would have a 50-50 chance of getting a meat burger or a plant-based one. To find out, they had to scan the burger box in Burger King’s app. The results: 44 per cent guessed wrong — customers couldn’t tell the difference.
Plant-based meats are products designed to imitate meat. While earlier products like tofu and seitan were meant to replace meat, newer products are trying to mimic its taste, texture, smell and appearance. Plant-based burgers, ground meat, sausages, nuggets and seafood are now in grocery stores and on restaurant menus. They aim to redefine our understanding of meat.

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No, Joe Biden's new climate plan won't limit meat consumption

No, Joe Biden's new climate plan won't limit meat consumption
Abrar Al-Heeti
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Despite false rumors, President Joe Biden won't force you to replace your burgers with plant-based meat alternatives. Impossible Foods
Last week some politicians and media commentators have claimed President Joe Biden is planning to limit meat consumption as part of a climate change plan. That's false. Neither Biden nor the White House have indicated curbing meat-eating, or altering Americans' diets in any way, is part of that plan. 
But that hasn't stopped some Biden critics from fueling flames about the perceived threat. 
On Friday, Larry Kudlow, former economic adviser to Donald Trump, said the climate plan would go so far as to make Americans drink "plant-based beer" ( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, called Biden "The Hamburglar" in a Sunday tweet, while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shared false information from Fox News claiming the plan will "cut 90% of red meat" from Americans' diets and limit everyone to "one burger per month."

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Global Plant Based Meat Markets, 2020-2021 & 2021 with Beyond Meat, Maple Leaf Foods, Gardein Protein International (Pinnacle Foods), Morningstar Farms (Kellogg Company), Tyson Foods Dominating

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Worldwide plant based meat market was US$ 5.6 Billion in 2020 and will grow with a double-digit CAGR of 15% during the forecast years of 2020-2027 to reach US$ 14.9 Billion by 2027.
Plant-based meat offers an alternative combining ingredients in novel ways. It delivers the complete culinary experience of meat without the need for any single animal. Plant-based meat fits seamlessly into consumers' due to culinary traditions. Globally, apprehension regarding healthy diet surge coupled with the increasing awareness about animal rights is driving the plant-based meat industry.
Currently, plant-based meat is an essential component of the vegan diet, in which people adopt a plant-based eating lifestyle that is devoid of animal-based foods. Plant-based food products contain protein, vitamins C, iron, and fibre intakes and processed in lower saturated fats and calories. Besides, due to its meaty texture, juiciness, and more fibrous consistency like meat, worldwide increasing consumption of plant-based meat is giving traction to this market.

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Impossible Foods Cuts Retail Prices

Digital Editor
Impossible Foods encourages the roughly 17,000 grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers that sell the Impossible Burger to pass the savings to consumers as soon as possible.
Thanks to its tremendous growth over the past year, plant-based meat maker Impossible Foods has achieved cost savings that it wants to pass along by cutting suggested retail prices by 20% throughout the United States.
The alternative meat company is strongly encouraging the roughly 17,000 grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers that sell its signature product, the Impossible Burger, to pass the savings on to consumers as soon as possible. 
“While we would not and could not require grocery stores to cut prices, grocery store customers and distributors are in fact consistently passing along our economies of scale to their own customers,” said Dennis Woodside, president of Redwood City, California-based Impossible Foods. “Impossible products are becoming increasingly affordable, and this in turn is accelerating our rapid retail growth. It’s a virtuous cycle for our customers, consumers and the planet.”

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23 Inspiring Vegan TED Talks to Watch Right Now

From passionate advocates to innovative entrepreneurs, these TED talks will educate, empower, and inspire you to level up your vegan life.  

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Impossible Foods cuts wholesale prices by 15% for second time in one year

Impossible Foods cuts wholesale prices by 15% for second time in one year
A banh mi sandwich made with a plant-based Impossible Pork patty at the Impossible Foods headquarters in Silicon Valley
(Reuters) - Impossible Foods Inc, maker of the plant-based Impossible Burger, said on Wednesday it would cut prices for foodservice distributors in the United States by about 15% amid increasing demand for its burgers.
The price cut is its second in a year and the California-based company is asking distributors to pass on the savings to restaurants and consumers.
The Beyond Meat rival has tied up with several restaurants including Burger King, Starbucks and White Castle, and expanded its retail footprint to thousands of stores across the United States last year.

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Impossible Foods CEO Is "Dead Serious" About Making All Food Animals Obsolete by 2035

Patrick O. Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, recently spoke at Web Summit, a virtual conference attended by 100,000 people, about the future of food—which he sees as devoid of all animal products. “Our mission is to completely replace the use of animals as a food technology by 2035. We’re dead serious about it and we believe it’s doable,” Brown said during the conference. “I was confident that we would succeed when I launched this company, and now I’m completely confident. It’s game over for the incumbent [meat] industry—they just don’t realize it yet.” 
The beginning of the end

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