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Venice Biennale gets at ideas behind what, why and how we build

Every year Canada is given a rare opportunity to present our best creative talent to the world. Each year are lucky to be one of only 30 permanent pavilions in the Giardini (botanical gardens) of Venice where, in alternate years, we showcase the best of Canadian Art and Architecture. Our pavilion, restored and re-opened to […]

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Venice Biennale Sneak Peek: Impostor Cities

Venice Biennale Sneak Peek: Impostor Cities
Venice Biennale Sneak Peek: Impostor Cities
The 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale—postponed from 2020—is posting sneak peaks of its national pavilions, a highlight of the exhibition.
Canadian cities often appear in movies, but standing in for other places.
The official Canadian representation to the Biennale,
Impostor Cities, examines how Canadian cities stand in for other places in movies. It is curated by McGill professor David Theodore and Montreal-based T B A / Thomas Balaban Architect.
“You can almost say that in Canada, the measure of success of any piece of architecture is how badly movies want to make it look like the States,” says Douglas Coupland, who is interviewed as part of the two-minute video sneak peek.

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