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'I wanted my action scenes to look brutal and cold-blooded': Kim So-hyun on latest drama River Where The Moon Rises

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April 15, 2021
Love Alarm actress Kim So-hyun continues her ascent to fame as the female lead in her newest — but controversial — drama River Where The Moon Rises.
The actress had to shed her pure girl-next-door image and put on a vicious front at the beginning of the drama, where she plays assassin Yeom Ga-jin and has no memory that she is actually Princess Pyeonggang.
In an interview transcript provided to AsiaOne, the 22-year-old actress said: "I wanted my action scenes to look brutal and cold-blooded. I thought about how I could look cool and cold-hearted (in them)."
She added filming those scenes were memorable for her. "It was my first time doing proper action scenes so I made a lot of mistakes. At first, I felt awkward in these scenes, so I was a bit hesitant. I remember that. But it was fun."

"River Where The Moon Rises" Announces It's Wrapping Up Filming + Will Be Submitted For Consideration At International Emmy Awards

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On April 9, the producers of “River Where the Moon Rises” officially announced that after what can only be described as an eventful run, the popular historical drama has finally reached the end of filming.
The producers revealed, “We are currently preparing for our final shoot on April 12.”
Additionally, the drama’s production company has announced that “River Where the Moon Rises” will officially be submitted for consideration at the 49th International Emmy Awards.
“River Where the Moon Rises” had already completed 95 percent of filming by the beginning of March, but when its original male lead Ji Soo was swept up in allegations of school violence, the drama’s future suddenly fell into uncertainty. In the end, Ji Soo was removed from the drama and replaced with Na In Woo—but with 95 percent of filming already completed, the process of reshooting all of the male lead’s scenes was an arduous and time-consuming task.

River Where The Moon Rises: Kim So Hyun & Na In Woo have heated confrontation with Choi Yoo Hwa & Lee Ji Hoon

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River Where The Moon Rises: Kim So Hyun & Na In Woo have heated confrontation with Choi Yoo Hwa & Lee Ji Hoon
River Where The Moon Rises has revealed new stills ahead of the upcoming episode! Read on to find out.
Written By
Anwaya Mane
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Mumbai Published: April 4, 2021 07:20 pm
River Where The Moon Rises: Kim So Hyun & Na In Woo have heated confrontation with Choi Yoo Hwa & Lee Ji Hoon
River Where The Moon Rises is picking good momentum with new lead Na In Woo as the new General On Dal. Na In Woo is all set to reshoot the first 6 episodes of the drama, wherein he will be essaying the role of General On Dal from the beginning. While, there is a legal battle ensuing between Victory Contents, the show's production company versus KeyEast, Ji Soo's agency off-screen; There is enough drama to keep us satiated on-screen! On April 4, KBS released new stills for the upcoming episodes of

K-actor Ji Soo's agency sued for $2.66 million over 'River Where the Moon Rises' controversy – Manila Bulletin

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Published April 2, 2021, 11:40 AM
Korean actor Ji Soo (Instagram) 
Production company Victory Contents has filed a 3 billion won (about $2.66 million) lawsuit for damages against KeyEast, the agency of Korean actor Ji Soo, over the controversy involving the drama “River Where the Moon Rises.”
Ji Soo was removed from the drama early last month following his admission that he committed school violence in middle and high schools. “Mr. Queen” actor Na In-woo took over his role as On Dal in the drama.
Victory Contents filed the lawsuit on April 1 with the Seoul Central District Court to recover the damages from additional production costs as the drama had to be reshot.

Kwak Dong-yeon, Na In-woo and Kim Young-dae Make Strong Presence

Kim Young-dae are hinting strong presence in various dramas. Expectations are also rising for broadcasters who have not been able to find young stars in their early and mid-20s for some time. Viewers are already looking at them as the next main characters in the small screens.
He appears as the chairman of the vicious company Babel Group on tvN's
"Vincenzo" which has a ratings of 10%. Viewers' opinions are divided on whether he will remain loyal to
Ok Taecyeon, who is his brother or whether he will be a traitor who hit him in the back of his head. The acting of madness and servitude is receiving favorable reviews, making it difficult to recognize who he is.

Na In Woo & Pyo Ye Jin Praised for being Credible Actors amid Crisis in Their Respective Dramas

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Mar 31, 2021 11:00 PM EDT
"River Where the Moon Rises" star Na In Woo and "Taxi Driver" actress Pyo Ye Jin were lauded for their performances in their respective dramas.
According to a media report on April 1, these two new evolving artists Na In Woo and Pyo Ye Jin are gaining praises for proving their credibility and passion for work. They bravely took the opportunity to be part of the dramas that became the center of controversies after its main leads were involved in school bullying allegations. 
Na In Woo and Pyo Ye Jin Chosen to be Drama Leads
Na In Woo replaced Ji Soo as On Dal in the ongoing KBS2 series "River Where the Moon Rises." Even though the drama was already filmed until the 18th episode, the production decided to pull out Ji Soo and all his appearances in every episode, and re-shot all his scenes with Na In Woo as the new lead.

Should Ji Soo have taken financial responsibility for the damages suffered by River Where The Moon Rises?

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Should Ji Soo have taken financial responsibility for the damages suffered by River Where The Moon Rises?
We weigh in if actors accused of bullying and assault should be liable to pay for the damage they cause to the TV show? Read on to find our take on this matter.
Written By
Anwaya Mane
5000 reads
Mumbai Published: March 28, 2021 07:06 pm
Should Ji Soo have taken financial responsibility for the damages suffered by River Where The Moon Rises?
The past couple of months have been a rough ride for K-drama productions, Korean broadcast networks and actors. Numerous actors and idol turned actors have been embroiled in multiple controversies related to school violence, bullying and assault. Netizens have taken to their respective social media accounts to demand that these actors be replaced or the show should be cancelled. Korean broadcast networks, studios and actors have been having sleepless nights, trying to make last-minute changes and replacements and just praying internally, that there shouldn't be another controversy now!

K-drama midseason recap: River Where the Moon Rises - period drama weathers crisis with casting triumph

March 25, 2021
Following a scattered and lacklustre opening, period-romance action-drama River Where the Moon Rises has, in fits and starts, gradually gained some focus. Yet the most exciting thing that has happened to date was the drama that unfolded behind the scenes, which quickly forced the show to take drastic action.
A few weeks after its premiere, River Where the Moon Rises was faced with an urgent and sensitive situation. Its lead star, Ji Soo, came under fire after allegations surfaced online implicating him in high school bullying. In a wave that has gripped South Korea, several other stars have faced allegations of bullying. But the claims against Ji had a sexual component, which hastened his forced removal from the show.

MBC's Investigative Program Interviews Alleged Victims And Witnesses Of Ji Soo's School Violence + Ji Soo Responds

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On March 20, MBC’s “True Story Expedition Team” (literal title) reported on the school violence accusations surrounding Ji Soo.
The program featured several alleged victims who each spoke about their experiences. One of Ji Soo’s middle school classmates, referred to as “A” in the show, explained that Ji Soo had often ordered him to buy him bread and snacks from the school cafeteria and that he usually had to use his own money to pay for them. “He would set a time, like one or two minutes, and he’d hit me if I didn’t make it back in time,” A said.

Parents of Ji Soo's alleged bullying victim reveal that the teacher advised the family to change their residence

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Recently, an investigative program of
MBC looked into the bullying allegations made against actor Ji Soo. According to the investigation, Ji Soo's school bullying was so severe that even the school could not handle the situation properly. 
Parents of one of the victims revealed that even their homeroom teacher advised them to change their residence to a different neighborhood since Ji Soo might be placed in the same school next year.
The teacher called me on the phone. They said, 'It would be a good idea for all of you to move, because Ji Soo might go to the same high school/class with your son,'" revealed the mother.

'Love Alarm' star Go Min-si apologizes after underage drinking photo surfaces, Internet says 'leave her alone'

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The photo of Go Min-si drinking with friends first appeared on an online forum on March 19, according to allkpop, and featured the actress with five other friends, whose faces were blurred out. 
Go Min-si took to Instagram to confirm that the girl in the photo is her and apologized for her actions. She wrote, "First and foremost, I would like to apologize for greeting you with such a disagreeable post, as well as for causing a disturbance with the photo of me drinking underage."
She continued, "I believe that there were some of those who have been cheering me on who hoped that it was not me in the photo, and those who would rather that I quickly come forward. I also personally feel that it would not be adequate to let such things pass, with the excuses that I was young, I was immature, and it was all in the past."

[Ratings] "River Where the Moon Rises", First Increase Since Ji Soo's Replacement with Na In-woo @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

'River Where the Moon Rises' kept its No. 1 spot in the Monday-Tuesday dramas.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'River Where the Moon Rises' which aired on the 15th recorded 6.6% and 8.4% (Ep.9).

APRIL Naeun, (G)I-DLE Soojin, and More: People Select the Stars That Need to Address Their Bullying Controversies the Most

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Mar 16, 2021
In a recent poll from DC Inside, people selected the celebrities who most need to address their bullying controversies. Among the chosen stars, APRIL's Naeun and (G)I-DLE's Soojin ranked at the top. Keep on reading to learn more.
APRIL's Naeun Voted as the Celebrity That Most Need to Address Her Bullying Controversy
On Monday, Mar. 15, DC Inside released the results of the poll
"Who needs to address a proper explanation for their school violence and bullying controversies?"The poll was held from Mar. 7 to Mar. 13.
The celebrity who ranked at number one is APRIL member Lee Naeun, who garnered 3,876 votes out of the total 18,720 votes cast, meaning she snagged 21% of the total votes. Previously, the younger brother of APRIL member

Netizens think April's Naeun is the celebrity who most needs to issue a proper statement about bullying accusations

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Netizens are demanding a proper statement from April's Naeun.DC Inside ran a (somewhat unnecessary) poll on who people t…

After the controversy with Ji Soo, How Na In Woo saved 'River Where The Moon Rises'

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It has been a while now since KBS decided to switch out Ji Soo for Na In Woo to play the role of General On Dal, a significant figure in the history…

#MeToo-style reckoning over school bullying rocks South Korea

#MeToo-style reckoning over school bullying rocks South Korea
Erika Na
© Provided by NBC News
South Korea is in the midst of a #MeToo-style reckoning over school bullying, with allegations of abuse being leveled at K-pop singers, actors, sports stars and other celebrities.
The outcry began in February when former teammates of twin volleyball stars Jae-yeong Lee and Da-yeong Lee accused the players of subjecting them to abuse throughout elementary and middle school.
The 25-year-olds are two of South Korea’s most famous athletes. They helped the women’s national team qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, and they play for one of the country’s oldest volleyball teams, the Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders. In a post on a popular online forum, however, the former teammates said the twins had routinely punched them in the head, verbally abused them and took money from them — and at one point had threatened them with a knife.

Drama 'River Where The Moon Rises' faces more issues with re-filming episodes

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The drama 'River Where The Moon Rises' had to face the worst-case scenario as it was put into an unavoidable situation where most of the episodes had…

[HanCinema's News] Park Hye-soo Blackmailed by Alleged Bullying Victim

Park Hye-soo recently revealed that she had been the recipient of a blackmail threat. The news follows two weeks after the initial accusation spread through social media, prompting the production company behind the upcoming drama 'Dear.M' to delay release until the truth of the allegations could be ascertained. Purportedly the alleged victim offered to drop the matter in exchange for ten or twenty million dollars.

"River Where The Moon Rises" Maintains Lead In Ratings As Na In Woo Makes His First Appearance

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KBS’s “River Where the Moon Rises” has held on to its lead in viewership ratings as Na In Woo takes over Ji Soo‘s role. Earlier this week, Ji Soo left the drama due to recent school bullying accusations and Na In Woo took over the role of On Dal. KBS had planned on editing On Dal out as much as possible

Na In-woo makes first appearance in K-drama 'River Where the Moon Rises' – Manila Bulletin

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Korean actor Na In-woo in the role of On Dal in 'River Where the Moon Rises' (Victory Contents) 

Korean actor Na In-woo made his first appearance in the Korean drama “River Where the Moon Rises” as replacement for actor Ji Soo, who was removed after he admitted committing school violence.

In e

Cast of 'River Where the Moon Rises' Shows Loyalty and Dedication by Agreeing to Re-Shoot Drama Free of Charge

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Mar 08, 2021 10:29 AM EST
K-drama fans were shocked upon learning that most of the episodes of the ongoing KBS drama "River Where the Moon Rises" needed to re-shoot in order to replace some scenes. But as per reports on March 7, the cast and crew of the Monday-Tuesday drama showed solid teamwork amid crisis. 
Keep on reading to learn more about the situation.
(Photo : KBS Official Instagram)
"River Where the Moon Rises" Cast and Crew Proved Their Loyalty to the Drama
Due to the school violence and bullying controversies of actor Ji Soo, he departed from the drama and came up with a decision that the whole cast and crew of the series have to re-shoot the scenes again in order to give the best quality content to the viewers. They faced a critical situation, given that they already filmed 95% percent of the twenty-episodic series.

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