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Cubs' top reliever who started once

A previous post looked at Cubs starters who relieved exactly once and described those one-of-a-kind appearances by the 6 who started at least 50 times, led by Kyle Hendricks, with 222 starts.

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Coaches, Part 13: Base coaches, 1966-74

Thirteenth in a series of posts about Cubs coaches.
The day in October 1965 that Leo Durocher was introduced as new manager of the Cubs, he announced that his coaching staff in 1966...

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Coaches, Part 10: Bench coaches

Tenth in a series of posts about Cubs coaches.
Even in the earliest years of professional baseball, some teams had a "top aide," "lieutenant" or "right-hand man" who collaborated with...

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Cubs position players who homered and pitched

Here is an obscure bit of Cubs trivia:
On Friday, Sept. 24, Sergio Alcantara became the first player in team history to hit a home run as a position player, then pitch the same day.
In the sixth...

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Ernie Banks' 500th Home Run was Highlight of Eventful 1970 Cub Season, Says Author of New Book

Ernie Banks’ 500th Home Run was Highlight of Eventful 1970 Cub Season, Says Author of New Book
"Mr. Cub Ernie Banks' 500
th home run was the highlight of the very eventful 1970 Chicago Cubs baseball season," says William S. Bike, author of the new book
The Forgotten 1970 Chicago Cubs: Go and Glow, recently published by The History Press. The anniversary of that historic homer is May 12.
            "It's hard to pick a number one moment from a season that saw the Cubs put five players on the field who would go on to make the Hall of Fame and the closest pennant race featuring the Cubs in the last 80 years, but the one that Cub fans remember—even if they weren't born yet—is Mr. Cub's 500

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