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The true extent of damage to schools from Covid-19

The pandemic had a highly disruptive effect on learning around the world, but in many cases also reinforced longer-term trends in attainment. If any one...

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The secret ways technology is stealing your time

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Smartphones provide a palm-sized window to the world, enabling us to do almost anything at the touch of a...

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Three Waters regulator funding runs dry, Finance Minister Nicola Willis says one of Labour's many 'loose ends'

Funding for a key part of the former Government’s Three Waters will dry up next year, further fuelling a debate over “fiscal cliffs” . The funding is for the...

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Hanukkah: Statement from Premier Smith

Premier Danielle Smith issued the following statement on Hanukkah:

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Opinion: So many child deaths in Gaza, and for what?

OPINION Consider this: The most dangerous place to be a child in the world today is the Gaza Strip. That’s the assessment of Catherine Russell, executive...

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Chris Meehan wins consent for Arrowtown's Northbrook $200m retirement village, boutique luxury hotel

Chris Meehan’s Waterfall Park Developments can build a new $200 million retirement village and boutique luxury hotel scheme near Arrowtown, even though...

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The best TV shows of 2023: Succession, Jury Duty, Shrinking and Swarm top this year's must-watch list

With so many shows on TV and streaming services, it’s impossible not to miss a gem or two. This year’s top television offerings as selected by The Associated...

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Mid-life fitness: How to stay healthy and strong in your 40s and 50s

Many of us find that as we get older, it gets harder to stay in control of our bodies. Our lifestyles, daily routines and even our bodies change - and this...

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'This is the first of many': Whanganui protesters block roads, shut down court in response to anti-Māori policies

More than 250 protesters blocked traffic on Whanganui’s main highway on Tuesday morning in opposition to Government policies labelled anti-Māori. Mass...

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Rod Emmerson's cartoons: Week of December 4 - 10

With so many voices in the digital age, it’s vital to know who you can trust - to put the facts in context and to give a comprehensive analysis of what’s...

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