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Demand Spring Launches Leap Advisory Services

Demand Spring Launches Leap Advisory Services
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Leap Advisory offers personalized, actionable advice from B2B marketing experts to help organizations drive growth
Leap is different from other advisory and consulting services, because our advisors have been where our clients are now. We have walked in their shoes, we’ve been on the marketing front lines, and we know how to deliver actionable insights and real world advice based on our own experiences.
May 04, 2021
Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring is pleased to announce the launch of Leap Advisory - a unique advisory service that offers personalized, actionable advice from marketing experts who have worked in the field and know the real-life obstacles and challenges faced by marketers.

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The Rebirth of Business – 2021 Themes

The Rebirth of Business – 2021 Themes
As the broken pieces of an unpredictable year continue to find their form again, it’s time to consider how we can build back better for the future. 2021 SXSW Online picks up from
March 16-20, with our Conference programming that covers over 230 sessions that explore music, film, tech, and much more.
Community-sourced sessions span across seven programming themes for the 2021 event. The Rebirth of Business theme explores capitalism as we look to rebuild the global economy. A potential leveling of the playing field awaits if we seize this opportunity for more equitable systems across race, gender, and class.

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What Happened When Campbell's Soup Tried to 'Save the Snow Day'

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In one of the most frightening winters in recent memory, when coronavirus is killing thousands, and millions of children are barred from their classrooms, struggling for enough internet to learn, Campbell’s Soup made a decision. It would fight, in its cozy way, for kids’ right to take a day off.
But the iconic food company’s “Save the Snow Day” campaign, launched this month, isn’t finding a universally warm-and-fuzzy reception with its intended audiences: parents, and the K-12 leaders who make snow-day decisions.
“Staying home behind a bowl of soup with your kids, the parents in my most struggling schools would think that sounds m’m m’m good. But the reality is, most of our parents are essential workers. They can’t just take the day off,” said Sonya Thomas, the executive director of Nashville PROPEL, a group that teaches parents in low-income neighborhoods how to advocate for better schools.

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