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Letter to the Editor: 2021 a success for West Orange County Republican Women Federated

2021 was the Diamond Jubilee for the West Orange County Republican Women Federated, writes President Nancy Hathcock.

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West OC Republican Women 2022 Board installed - Orange County Breeze

West Orange County Republican Women Federated continues its accelerated growth. Since 2019, the award-winning Diamond club has

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West Orange County Republican Women Federated hold Newsom recall rally

The “Summer of Love: Love to Recall Newsom,” rally held on July 31 near the Shops at Rossmoor in Seal Beach, brought together Democrats, Republicans, Independents and No Party Preference voters from nearby communities in support of the Yes on Newsom Recall campaign.
Everyone was invited to play “Nightmares by Newsom.” Looking at a list of Newsom’s spectacular missteps, they selected what they believe is Gavin Newsom’s worst mistake as governor. The one recurring comment by participants was that the list needed to be longer than the ten choices offered. After making their selection, they could put their name in for an opportunity drawing to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks donated by Counter Jihad Coalition which had a table at the rally.

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Letter to the Editor: A multi-partisan effort to recall Gov. Newsom

Dear Editor,
Should Gov. Gavin Newsom remain in office, there is little doubt that another useless statewide mask mandate and anti-small business lockdown will be on the horizon.
The good news is that the Recall Newsom movement is a MULTI-PARTISAN celebration! The ballot is filled with candidates who are Democrats, Republicans and other parties/no party preference coming together to recall the failing Gov. Gavin Newsom. Of the official candidates, 24 are Republicans, 9 Democrats and 13 are other parties or no party preference.
It’s not just Newsom’s lack of leadership during the pandemic that has resulted in the recall vote, but the many other issues that have Californians anxious to recall Newsom. Here are few reasons that Democrats, Independents/no party preference and Republicans plan to vote yes on the recall:

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Letter to the Editor: Social Justice and Ethnic Studies is based on Critical Race Theory

Dear Orange County Breeze Editor:
As President of West Orange County Republican Women Federated I recently reached out to Los Alamitos Unified School Board member Diana Hill, who is a member of our club, to better understand her reasoning for joining the four Democrats on the board and approve the controversial Social Justice standards/Ethnic Studies curriculum. I was thankful that Diana put up a great effort to keep the proposed elective from being Critical Race Theory. However, giving Critical Race Theory courses and workshops flowery names doesn’t hide its real meaning.
Social Justice and Ethnic Studies can be sugar coated with the best of intentions, but the foundation is based on Critical Race Theory as seen by the people that the Los Alamitos Unified School Board has hired to implement the program as well as the material used to produce the content.

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Theresa Sherrin named 2021 Woman of Distinction by West Orange County Republican Women Federated

During their April meeting, West Orange County Republican Women Federated surprised long-time member Theresa Sherrin with the club’s 2021 woman of distinction award. The “Mindy Yatsui Woman of Distinction Award,” named after a beloved member who always volunteered and kept her beautiful smile even through difficult battles against cancer, is given only when a member deserves its special recognition.
Theresa Sherrin (seated) was recognized as their 2021 Woman of Distinction by West Orange County Republican Women Federated. Also shown (left to right) are Theresa Murphy and Nancy Hathcock, President of WOC RWF.
Theresa Sherrin and her husband Don have lived in Los Alamitos since 1964. Making a difference in the lives of many women as the founder and Patron Saint of Precious Life Shelter, Sherrin has often said, “I was there to help someone rise from the depths of despair, and I had a willing husband who was with me every step of the way. They survived and so did we. What could be better?”

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