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Brookline election results: Aschkenasy and Greene win Select Board seats

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The results are in: Bernard Greene will serve another term as Brookline Select Board member, joined by newcomer Dr. Miriam Aschkenasy. Aschkenasy will succeed incumbent Nancy Heller, who was not re-elected Tuesday.
Aschkenasy led the pack with 3,518 votes, followed by Greene with 3,315, Heller with 3,171, Zoe Lynn with 2,731 and Donelle O'Neal with 915. Brookline saw slightly higher voter turnout this year than in 2020, with 7,453 of the town's 39,790 registered voters — 18.73% — either heading to the polls or mailing in a ballot. Last year's turnout was 17.5%. 
Heller and Greene, the current Select Board chair, have both served on the board since 2015.
They met with stiff competition in their campaigns for re-election, especially after the Gerald Alston discrimination case once again made headlines just a week before the election. The Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the town had unjustly fired Alston, a Brookline firefighter, after he reported racism in the workplace; Greene and Heller both voted to fire Alston and continue appealing his case against the town.

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Town Election: Brookline goes to the polls

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Brookline’s town election got off to a cold and wet start Tuesday amid a heavy rainstorm, with early voting and mail-in ballots contributing to quiet polling places.
Through 7 p.m., the town had seen 6,937 votes cast so far in the May 4 Town Election, including early in-person votes and mail-in ballots tabulated at individual precincts, according to Jeff Nutting, a consultant in the Town Clerk’s office who has led Brookline elections during Town Clerk Pat Ward’s leave.
“In person voting today so far is extremely light,” Nutting wrote in an email. “I am not sure if the weather is affecting turnout.”

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Activists Focus On Brookline Select Board After Gerald Alston Ruling

Activists Focus On Brookline Select Board After Gerald Alston Ruling
Gerald Alston speaks to his supporters outside Brookline Town Hall on May 2.
Esteban Bustillos / GBH News
Activists in Brookline continue to push for more action following the Supreme Judicial Court's ruling that Gerald Alston, a Black firefighter who complained of racism in the workplace in 2010, was unjustly fired after he spoke up.
At a rally on Sunday sponsored by Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity and Brookline Budget Justice, around 100 of Alston's supporters focused on Select Board members Bernard Greene, Nancy Heller and John VanScoyoc, who they say appealed against Alston's case. Greene and Heller are up for re-election on Tuesday.

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Brookline firefighter Gerald Alston takes fight for justice to polls

Alston is still waiting for justice.
His legal fight, he said, was just one battle in the war to reshape Brookline's attitude toward people of color and minorities.
The next fight will come at the polls Tuesday, when Brookline will vote to fill two seats on the Select Board. The two incumbents running for re-election, Bernard Greene and Nancy Heller, both voted to fire Alston and then to continue appealing his case against the town.  
Alston’s case dates back to 2010, when Lt. Paul Pender, one of his Fire Department superiors, mistakenly left the “n-word” in a voicemail for Alston.

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Brookline Select Board candidates weigh in on local issues

We asked candidates for Brookline's Select Board to discuss the issues facing Brookline today, as well as their Day One plans. Here's what they said.

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Who's running for Brookline Select Board?

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Brookline's May 4 town election is coming up fast, giving candidates just a few weeks to make their case to voters. 
The Select Board race is a hot one, with two seats open and five candidates duking it out.
This week, the Select Board candidates told the TAB who they are, why they're running and what they bring to the table. Next week we'll feature part two, where we ask the candidates to discuss the issues facing Brookline today. 
Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. Names with an asterisk (*) are incumbents:
We need real change in Brookline. We need a government that reflects our values, with a clear lens on equity, good governance and inclusivity. I am running to bring that kind of change, that kind of lens, to the work we do here in Brookline.

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