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SIU School of Medicine graduate follows in parents' footsteps

Maria Mosley, who graduated from SIU School of Medicine Saturday, will train in emergency medicine at New York Public Hospital-Columbia & Cornell-New York

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Food and Faith A Philosophy of Welcome in the Midst of Covid-19

A Philosophy of Welcome in the Midst of Covid-19
February 16, 2021
This reflection comes from Rev. Kirk Perucca, Pastor for Covenant Presbyterian Church, in Kansas City, MO.
Staff and volunteers prepping food for distribution (left to right – Niki Krenzel, Orlandra Brown, Nancy Henry and Steve Hudson)
Covenant Presbyterian Church, an urban residential congregation in Kansas City has a mission. We feed people. Period. We serve people in a dignified, caring and just matter. Jesus didn’t ask for two forms of ID, one could be a water bill. Jesus didn’t say, “You’re in the wrong zip code, you need to go to that zip code.” Jesus didn’t say, “Didn’t you come here last week looking for food?” Jesus didn’t say, “You didn’t meet our income requirements.” Jesus just said feed my people. So, we do.

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The Well in Fairfield Now Accepting Thrift Store Donations

Starting today, The Well in Fairfield is accepting donations of items to be sold at their thrift store.
The first Well opened in Pella 10 years ago followed by a center in Knoxville to offer help and hope to people struggling with issues such as financial troubles, adequate work skills, or just having a place to belong. Last August they purchased the former Foursquare Church building to establish The Well Fairfield.  And, while the Pella and Knoxville locations opened with a resource center first, Director of Advancement and Marketing Eden Youngberg says in Fairfield they’ll start with the thrift store, “This time we’re going to try a thrift store first and then the resource center. The idea behind getting the thrift store up and going is that so we can start to generate revenue for the organization so that we can continue to hire local Fairfield people to run all the operations.”

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The pandemic through university professors' eyes: Challenges, technology | Campus News

The spring 2020 semester started out like any other for college students and faculty around the world. 
For those at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the semester started on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Things continued as they usually did for students and staff alike – face-to-face instruction Monday through Friday, seeing classmates and friends and heading to various spots around campus to get studying and work done.
However, everything changed just before the UT community prepared for its spring break. 
UT’s spring break was scheduled to begin on March 16 and end March 20, but no one knew that they would not be able to return to the regular class environment after that break ended. 

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