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Iceland is in a holding pattern as it awaits a volcanic eruption

Iceland is fortifying a power plant that supplies electricity and hot water to about 30,000 people and is continuing to allow the residents of the evacuated...

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AI may be revolutionary technology, but for now, it's a pretty lousy investment

Chasing high returns from new technology is likely a mistake, it’s better to minimize costs and own securities that broadly reflect the market than to simply pursue the latest trend

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iTWire - Pattern Releases Powerful New Functionality to Optimise Marketplace Traffic, Drive Sales for Australian Brands

COMPANY NEWS:  Pattern’s ecommerce acceleration platform releases Destiny functionality, utilising 200 trillion data points to help brands optimi...

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Unifor negotiators see resistance as talks with General Motors enters second week

The negotiations cover 4,200 hourly employees in Ontario who work at the Oshawa assembly plant, St. Catharines engine and transmission factory, and parts warehouse in Woodstock

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Unifor leader vows tougher fight at auto talks table

In September, more than 5,600 Unifor members at Ford ratified a collective agreement that raised pay by almost 20 per cent over three years

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