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The gut-wrenching back story of Aussie boxer who broke down in tears after loss at Tokyo Olympics

Skye Nicolson fell to the floor in despair after being denied Australia's first Olympic boxing medal since 1988 in a gutting quarter-final loss in Tokyo.
The featherweight thought she had done enough against Great Britain's Karriss Artingstall after the boxers entered the final round all square according to the five judges.
But, as both athletes prayed while waiting for the call, the decision fell the Brit's way and Nicolson crumpled to the ground in tears.
She was inconsolable in her post-fight interview with Channel 7, saying she felt she'd let down the country.
'It means nothing to me. I don't care about that,' she said of being the country's most successful boxer.

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Golden hour re-established Australia as Olympic force

In one golden hour yesterday Australia re-established itself as an Olympic force.
It’s a feeling that had been hard to capture through the past two Games in Rio and London where regrettably judgment resided in what had been lost rather than what was being won.
A good measure of Australia’s worth is invested in our sporting performances internationally and the Olympics has long been the most acute measure.
From gold medal hauls of 16, 17 and 14 across Sydney, Athens and Beijing Australia slipped to eight golds in both London and Rio and fell through eighth to tenth on the overall medal table.

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Aussie Boxing team picks Griffith for Tokyo preparations

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Aussie Boxing team picks Griffith for Tokyo preparations
Australian Boxing team coach Kevin Smith with selected athletes Alex Winwood, Harrison Garside, Caitlin Parker and Skye Nicolson in the gym at Griffith’s Gold Coast campus.
Less than two months out from the Tokyo Games, the Australian Boxing team is finalising its preparations at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus, where the elite athletes have been based for the past couple of months.
The team of six, which includes two current Griffith students, is chasing Australia’s first ever boxing Gold.
Bachelor of Business student and Men’s lightweight (63kg) Harrison (Harry) Garside and Education student and Women’s featherweight (57kg) Skye Nicolson have been making the most of Griffith’s world class sporting facilities alongside teammates Alex Winwood, Paulo Aokuso, Justis Huni and Caitlin Parker.

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