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southern states louisiana, alabama, arkansas, florida, missouri. as you can see -- >> here we go. >> yeah. louisiana fan over here. >> we've seen some companies like disney, walmart require vaccinations. how much do you think it will change the equation in terms of pressuring more americans to actually get the shot? >> i think it's probably one of the most effective things that businesses can do in the country to get it back on track. we've seen in france, you know, and a lot of europe they basically said if you want to go to a restaurant, if you want to leave your house, you have to have a proof of vaccination. it works! it makes people get vaccinated. there have been protests, people are angry but it works. it ends up making people get vaccinated. even in focus groups in the u.s. they look at people who change their minds. i read about one guy he said i wanted to go to the bahamas. if i wanted to go, i had to get a vaccine. he went ahead and did it after holding out for months.

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