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Woman gets tattoo from artist 300 miles away using robot, 3D printing and 5G

Woman gets tattoo from artist 300 miles away using robot, 3D printing and 5G tech
A tattooist in London has remotely tattooed the arm of a woman more than 300 miles away in the Netherlands with 5G cellular technology and cutting-edge robotics
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Woman Receives First-Ever Tattoo Performed By A Robot

No matter how experienced you are at being inked, it’s always pretty nerve-wracking knowing the finished product will stay with you for the rest of your life. With that in mind, would you be brave enough to let a robot do the inking instead of a human? 
In a world-first, Dutch actress Stijn Fransen has received a tattoo from a robotic arm controlled by an artist that was far, far away. The feat was performed in conjunction with network provider T-Mobile Netherlands as a demonstration of its new 5G network, which was used to control the procedure. 
While you may think Fransen is braver than most, robots have been trusted with things as important as surgery for years already. Robotic arms controlled by surgeons on site have been utilized in extremely complex surgeries, and last year a surgeon made history performing a procedure remotely on a cadaver from the comfort of his own home. So, if surgeons can do it, why can’t tattoo artists? 

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World's first remote tattoo is commissioned in real-time using a 5G-powered robotic arm

The world's first remote tattoo was completed by a 5G-powered robotic arm. While the tattoo artist inked a mannequin arm, the robot mimicked the same movements on a living client.

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Exclusive: a behind the scenes look at Coca-Cola's paper bottle European trial

To learn more about Coca-Cola's new paper bottle and consider what it means for the company's wider sustainability strategy, we spoke with Stijn Fransen, R&D packaging innovation manager at The Coca-Cola Company in Europe.

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