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Trump calls on supporters to 'guard the vote' in Democratic-run U.S. cities

Speaking at a campaign event in Iowa, Trump said it was important to scrutinize the vote in the battleground states likely to determine the general election. He singled out the biggest cities in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia

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287 km Ring Railway being planned for Bangalore on broad gauge system

I know this is a Bangalore Metro thread, but this news comes close. A 287km Ring Railway being planned for Bangalore on the broad gauge system. Today was a headline on the Deccan Herald. Not sure if

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Did the Kardashians scam the system to get famous?

Kim Kardashian thinks her family “scammed the system” to get famous. The 43-year-old beauty and her loved ones reflected on their early taste of stardom as...

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As Britain launches suicide surveillance tool, Canada pressed to adopt similar measures

Experts urge Canadian policy makers to implement measures to get accurate, timely data about self-harm in this country with goal of preventing suicides

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Genesis boss Malcolm Johns warns of risks in power system

Nine months into his job at the helm of Genesis Energy, Malcolm Johns — former chief executive of Christchurch Airport — says the level of risk inherent in...

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Somalia, stato del Puntland verso le elezioni nel 2024 - Primopiano

A photo taken during a media tour organized by the state of Puntland shows a busy street in Garowe, Puntland, Somalia, 25 November 2023 (issued 01 December 2023). (ANSA)

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Investment and productivity needed for growth says Bank of Italy chief - English

The road to economic growth passes through investment and productivity, Bank of Italy Governor Fabio Panetta said on Thursday. © ANSA

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Each one of us can contribute to cleaner Romania by getting involved in guarantee-return system (Senate president Ciuca)

The guarantee-return system (SGR) for packaging is intended to cover the collection and recycling of approximately 7 billion PET bottles per…

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Cooperation between the justice minister and magistrates is 'key' says Nordio - English

Cooperation between the justice minister and the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM), is key to giving Italy a justice system that is closer to the needs of the community, Justice Minister Carlo Nordio told an extraordinary plenum of the judiciary's self-... © ANSA

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