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Now, what was I looking for? Why your short-term memory falters

Q: Some thoughts vanish from my brain as soon as I think of them. Why can’t I remember things I just knew? And how can I improve my short-term memory? A:...

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Emerson St revamp: Penny for your thoughts

The Napier City Council plans to start design work in its proposed Emerson Street CBD revamp early in the New Year, although it is yet to finish the...

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Why do you see Angel Number 656? Here's all you should know about this number

Angel number 656 brings a message that good things are on their way, but you'll need to make some specific changes in your life first. | Horoscope

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DJ Subset Reported Missing - Yellow Scene Magazine

Press releases are provided to Yellow Scene Magazine. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole. Joint DJ Subset, known for his groundbreaking music, has been reported missing since.

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State of no-thinking

Awareness is like fire to thought. It is just like you burn a lamp in the house and the darkness cannot enter; you put the light off - from everywhere darkness has entered... Thoughts are like darkness: they enter only if there is no light within. Awareness is fire: you become more aware, less and less thoughts enter.

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Paramore Auckland show: Concert-goer Abi reveals secret way she got onstage with Hayley Williams

At 8am on a Friday most people are on a mission. Whether they’re battling traffic, road works and decaffeinated intrusive thoughts, they’re fighting to get...

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Try to Change Ourselves | Thoughts of a teacher

Changing one’s life and lifestyle is not easy. You can start slowly so you don’t get tired of yourself by trying to change all at once. You can also stay positive that it will happen.Change is always...

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Thoughts on 'The Marvels,' 'Loki' and the state of superhero films

LOS ANGELES: As I write this, the ticker on the Monday morning news says, 'The Marvels' is the no. 1 movie in America. The ticker also goes on to say it is the lowest performing Marvel movie since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as we now know it. It raked in $47 million over the weekend. Overseas, it took in $63.3 million.

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3745: Controversial Thoughts w/ Rojo Perez

Rojo Perez joins KATG to rile Keith up by explaining the genius behind not cleaning your underwear and the deepness of The Bear. Keith tries to calm

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How to enjoy slow tourism on the new 700km trail on Prince Edward Island

In a world that stops for nobody, slow down on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. There’s no better place to get lost in your own thoughts than a 700km walking...

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