Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:05:33:00

and in the seven days leading up to we'd decided upon an opening date october five, and in the seven days leading up to octoberfive, in and in the seven days leading up to october five, in nottingham and in the seven days leading up to octoberfive, in nottingham it had gone up from hundred and 12 cases and we want to stick per hundred thousand to 689 —— 689, to that opening date, and i think to welcome people back back into this building, what do you think of that? i think, to put the kind of heart back into this building and make it live again, oh, my gosh, it's depressing we are we need the patrons back in. from its sepia beginnings backin to its modern makeover, oh, my gosh, it's depressing we are back in the situation arising cases the regent has stood here for nearly and imminent stricter measures we 90 years, somewhere to escape life's are hearing about coming in, maybe dramas for a darkened moment next week now. i can't quite understand why we are waiting until of make—believe and dreams. next week. i think the local council have done the right thing to say, that is stunning. it does look write, let now, let's not wait for the virus to come in next week. that's at now. do you think there is magnificent. i would like to be sitting on one of those chairs with a glass of wine, closing my eyes. a real risk, then? we are all slowly in the dark around this, but the dog and your confectionery of choice? is maybe monday some announcement on popcorn, just to annoy everybody. these areas. there is a risk we noisy popcorn, rattling round. he would have me in front, cutting.” certainly have a weekend ahead of wasn't proposing to go with you. no, that that people will capitalise on. doing every day that passes, things i would be socially distanced, quite a long way away, frankly. and i

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