Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 2020100

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - BBCNEWS - 20201009:09:08:00

who is a member of the government's advisory committee sage, said environments like pubs and restaurants increased the risk so the un world food programme of spreading the infection. announced as the winner of the nobel peace prize 2020. you say that our political correspondent, leila nathoo is in westminster now. hunger is often used as a weapon in conflict, explain how?|j we are expecting more announcements today, but the government still hunger is often used as a weapon in conflict, explain how? ithink it is one of the oldest conflict weapons seems politically really split in the world that you can start out between the health and wealth arguments that are possessing this a population —— that you can serve government and governments around the world. yes, i think it is interesting that we are getting details of an economic support package before we are getting asa a population —— that you can serve as a population to enter a territory. parties in the conflict, details of what further restrictions might come into force in the areas if you get control of the food, you worst hit by the surge in a get a military control and you get better control of civilians. you can coronavirus infections. there has also use food insecurity as a method been a lot of pressure on the government to come up with a precise to chase populations away from that framework, precise details, of what measures are going to be enacted in territory, by burning down stance, those areas where cases are soaring destroying infrastructure etc. so i and there has been a lot of pressure from local politicians are saying look, if there are going to be

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