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Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20201009:06:03:00

>> look. first of all, whitmer is a cool cat. i don't know how she's so composed. this isn't what you and i deal with. you know, this isn't a couple of jerks on twitter, who are saying stupid things that are going to get them a call from the local authorities. this was weeks of planning, from guys, over a dozen at least, maybe more, who wanted weapons, training, and coordinated action with other groups. to go after her and take her or hurt her. and it is the number one terror threat in this country. >> no way. do you remember when i said that? and i mean, you would've thought -- remember when i said that, a while ago? what happened? >> yes, i don't remember that as the origination of the truth of it. but yes, i do remember you saying it. >> and what happened? >> well, you know, can't have black guys saying that white people are the problem, don. i keep telling you that. >> that's the truth, though. >> yeah, i know. >> but, you know, you've got the, you know, other, scary

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