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presume that he opposes their conduct. and it's very disturbing and i think it's really -- everybody keeps talking about it being a dog whistle to these groups, but i see it more as a call to action. >> again, have you heard it all from the attorney general of the situates? this was an fbi action, federal law enforcement and state law enforcement working together. any outreach at all from william barr? >> no, but i will say i'm very appreciative of the hard work that federal authorities put into these cases here. we worked in conjunction with the fbi as well as the u.s. attorneys from both the eastern and western districts of michigan. so these are individuals who care deeply about their jobs and i think the message is whether or not you think that washington, d.c. is very interested in whatever the president has to say about this or whatever the united states attorney general has to say about it, you know, those who are lifetime members of law enforcement care deeply about this and of course again it's not just a plot to, you know, kidnap and execute our governor,

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