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engageme engagements at that time. we heard the president, clearly he still has issues. listen. >> i think the first debate, excuse me. on the first debate they oscillated the mike. i will say this. absentee is okay because absentee ballots, excuse me. >> help me out, dr. gupta. you know this better than i do. it is a respiratory virus. maybe the president is doing well and that's just what happens but when you hear that and then you hear the president as early as tomorrow will be back on the campaign trail, what is the medical judgment? >> he sounds sick, john. and i don't think you need to be a doctor to tell that. if you were my dad, i would say look, you need to be getting some rest. you are essentially med-evac'd from the house a week ago, dropped oxygenation where you needed supplemental oxygen, have been on three drugs, one is

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