Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091015:22:42:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - MSNBC - 20091015:22:42:00

this. we should be taxing these profits. because that's -- we ought to be paying for health care with a surtax on the profits, these fabulous profits of these wealthy people. >> what about the talk of a second wave of foreclosures, the last three months have been the worst this country has seen, and what about the selling of mortgages and knowing where those mortgages go so they don't spin off into outer space and nobody knows what fund they're in? >> >> excellent point. what we do now and what we do in the future. for the future, i'm determined that the committee i chair is going to pass a law that says mortgages from here on in can only go forward if somebody is always responsible for any given mortgage for that mortgage and for modifying it. you have a situation now where they all blame each other and claim they can't deal with it. and the past laws were too lax on it. to deal with the current situation, i've been pushing a bill, that t.a.r.p. money is

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