Transcripts for MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20201009 00:37

Transcripts for MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes 20201009 00:37:00

abortion in indiana? yes, he thinks that. no, headrests let's talk about qassem soleimani. and then pence gets asked about the affordable care act, and the trump plan for pre-existing conditions, and he doesn't answer that. he then changes the subject back to abortion without ever actually answering the very easy and obvious abortion question itself. >> tell us specifically how would your administration protect americans with pre-existing conditions to have access to affordable insurance if the affordable care act is struck down. >> well, thank you, susan. let me just say, addressing your very first question. i couldn't be nowhere proud to serve as vice president to a president who stands without apology for the sanctuaity of human life. >> a question about health care, let's talk about abortion but not answer the first question. the big take from the republican side last night is whatever

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