Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:31:00 : vimars

Transcripts for MSNBC Morning Joe 20201009 12:31:00

wound itself down. that was the pride people took. you contrast that with now, and you know, all people talk about when they talk about the federal government is it's ineffective. it's inefficient, and yet, we want it, we expect it to solve all these problems that we confront. so there's a huge mismatch between our ambitions for the government and the way we fund, organize, and exercise power through it. that is, as i say, trump has a lot to do with it. this breed of republicans has a lot to do with it, but it's even broader than that. we have to rethink. we've got to learn from this failure. one of the things i talk about in the book is the countries that have done well from taiwan to south korea to new zealand, even germany, are countries that went through some failure and then learned from it and learned how to reorganize themselves, reorganize their states. we take the view that, you know, i mean, you listen to donald trump, every day it's america is perfect.

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