Transcripts for MSNBC The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell 2

Transcripts for MSNBC The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell 20201009 05:14:00

were made public? >> well, certainly every effort is being made to protect her safety. and that has been -- some of that has been ramping up prior to the apprehension of these individuals. you know, it is a time right now where there is increased anxiety. you have folks who are very concerned about the future and dealing with this covid crisis. and as you were saying earlier here in this program, words matter. and when you hear some elected officials calling out a governor and using word thars inappropriate that can actually stoke people's anxiety and lead to some really bad behavior, you know, when you have a president saying to michigan, liberate michigan. liberate michigan from the oppression that is happening right now by the government. you know, you see that can have

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