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Yasmin Vossoughian Reports

really important point because if that's what it feels. like we feel the heat on our bodies. it feels like 100 degrees in new york city. you need to be careful. there as we go throughout, sunday notice that cooler air invades into portions of the northeast. that's a good. think 86 degrees in philadelphia. 79 on sunday in boston, 80s in pittsburgh, 70s and milwaukee, also detroit. ahead of this front, it's gonna feel like 100. degrees we're gonna keep it comfortable in the northeast as we go through tuesday wednesday. we will take a break -- we've been talking about this heat wave for weeks and weeks. but we do have a heat wave also in the ocean. so it's called a marine heat wave. we are looking at temperatures so above normal this time of. your gulf of mexico is 86 degrees. we go from the sun on land into a jacuzzi-like environment in the ocean. no relief. look at this, bay 101.1 degrees. that is mind-blowing. 76 off the north atlantic coast. mediterranean sea, 80. three tropical atlantic, 83.

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CBS Evening News With Norah ODonnell

is so hot, beachgoers say it is just not cooling them off. they say it is like a hot tub. 50 miles south of here in the upper florida keys, water temperatures hit 101.1 degrees. if confirmed, it could be the highest sea surface temperature ever recorded. researchers are worried about the damage to the fragile coral reefs. >> most importantly in south florida we lose that protector, that barrier from hurricanes. >> reporter: outside atlanta, high school football practice has already started for the brookwood broncos. >> above 92, then we shut down practice altogether, we go inside. we get the air conditioning. and so our players are safe. >> reporter: and it is about 15 degrees above average here in minneapolis. these are not the kind of extreme temperatures we are use to around here, jb. >> james: susan elizabeth, stay cool. for where this expanding heat is headed next, let's bring in meteorologist jacqui jeras from our partners at the

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The ReidOut

- the coverage has been excellent. - you know, it gives us exactly what we want. - you should go with consumer cellular! - [announcer] switch today. call or go online. the state of florida is in hot water, literally. on monday, water temperatures in the bays between the mainland and the florida keys registered at a whopping 101.1 degrees fahrenheit, which was on the heels of a 102-degree temperature on sunday. just for perspective, the average hot tub temperature is 100 to 102 degrees. the federal agency that tracks this stuff, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has warned those temperatures could mean trouble as we head into hurricane season with the warm waters set to bring supercharged hurricanes. meanwhile, farmers insurance is leaving the state, forcing thousands of people to change their insurance provider. it's the fourth company to pull

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CBS Evening News With Norah ODonnell

here are tonight's headlines. ♪ ♪ the concern tonight from a federal judge, why she gave hunter biden and federal prosecutors 30 days to come up with a new agreement. >> a trial clock is ticking. ♪ ♪ >> a crane collapsed here in manhattan. what caught fire at a construction site on the west side of the city this morning. >> at least two firefighters are injured. >> it is building, another building going up every week it seems like around here. ♪ ♪ >> in a string of... >> an alarming moment on capitol hill. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell freezes midsentence during a press conference. ♪ ♪ >> james: we are tracking severe thunderstorms as two-thirds of the country are now in the heat dome. >> it didn't take long to start sweating out here in this heat. >> and there is no relief at the beach. >> we'll be water temperature at flora's manatee bay was measured at 101.1 degrees. ♪ ♪ >> if you want to lower your

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MMS checks in with Actor/Comedian Desi Banks, he at Chuckles this weekend | V101

Desi Banks is at Chuckles Comedy House in Memphis all weekend. He is a social media superstar.

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The Founder of the Southern Heritage Classic stopped by the MMS today. | V101

Fred Jones is the Founder of the Southern Heritage Classic that's coming up Sept. 8th through Sept. 10th. Listen to hear all about it.

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Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson stopped by the V101 studio | V101

Brandon T. Jackson is at Chuckles this weekend. He has a book out and he's got more movies on the way.

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