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'Intern' Mike's NFL 'Hot Picks' Ground Philly & Sink Big Blue

After spending extra time this week in his NFL lab in Loudonville, 'Intern Mike' is putting that winning record on the line with this week's 'Hot Picks,' including doubling-down against Jalen Hurts. Here is 'Intern Mike' Giarraputo and his NFL 'Hot Picks' for Week 5:

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KLDR - Southern Oregon's Music Leader - Catie Johnson

KLDR - Southern Oregon's Music Leader - Catie Johnson - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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KLDR - Southern Oregon's Music Leader - Chris Barnett

KLDR - Southern Oregon's Music Leader - Chris Barnett - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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CNN Newsroom Live

the temperatures dropped dramatically, about 20 degrees celsius, about 68 fahrenheit, way below the 104.5 fahrenheit that we saw when the temperatures peaked at over 40 degrees celsius across the british capital last week but it hasn't really rained since and that's why the wildfires continue to start. firefighters say people really have to remember over the course of the weekend when it's nice weather like on sunday, do not use barbecues, do not throw anything that might be an ember of a flame or even a cigarette on to the floor because this type of grass land is so parched at the moment it can literally go up in flames. just behind me we had a blaze that was 12 acres wise, chris n, right near heathrow airport. there were blazes in the southeast of london, far in the west in surrey and also in the north of the capital as well. but this is nothing in comparison to what many people across central and southern

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CNN Newsroom Live

in europe the blistering heat is helping fuel wildfires in some areas. this was the scene increase as crews battled the fire there. one of several wildfires raging across the country right now, we are seeing scorching heat across much of china. we are standing by in beijing with those details, let's go to nina dos santos outside of london. at these wildfires continue to be a problem in london where we are no longer seeing the record temperatures of last week. >> reporter: that's right, it's a number of degrees cooler than it was when you hit a record of 40.2 degrees celsius, 104.5 fahrenheit at roughly this time last week, as you can see behind me, the grass remains parched, and it hasn't rained since, this is where the threat is coming. this is why you are continuing to see wildfires. incredibly rare in the united kingdom and incredibly rare near the center of urban

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Fareed Zakaria GPS

every environmental group that wants to see actual positive change today. go to for a link to my washington post column this week and let's get started. >> it was out right sweltering this week, britain saw the hottest day with temperatures hitting 104.5 degrees fahrenheit in one town, that's more than 40 degrees celsius and not just britain. this devastating heat wave blanketed much of europe. alongside the heat were wildfires, one of the city's plagued by extreme temperatures and fires this week has been athens. last summer, athens hit the highest temperature ever, a shocking 115 degrees fahrenheit and appointed a heat officer.

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Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett

had to deal with after a major incident yesterday when the mercury topped the hottest level ever seen in this country, 40.3 degrees celsius that is 104.5 farenheit. what it did is ignite compost heat in backyards, there were spontaneous fires to the north of the cap and in the west and south and some of the most destructive ones here in the east where i am. in in village of weddington, 18 to 20 properties were destroyed in a blaze. i spoke to a local resident who tried to use their hose pipes to put out the fire in their neighbor's backyard to no avail. >> i was saying about two, three days before, i said this is -- it is leak a tinderbox. and it was getting warmer and warmer. the day before when it was a few

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MSNBC Reports

temperatures in the triple digits. they set an all-time record high in the you can, 104.5. and broke 34 other records. paris into the 70s. madrid, rome, looking at temperatures into the 90s. lindsey, i want to mention this, too. we have a fuel for the storms. that's the heat, the humidity. we have a cold front moving through. that's the spark for these storms. we'll be watching the chance for really strong storms this afternoon from detroit to cincinnati down to louisville where we could see the chance of tornadoes. winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. damaging hail as well. 21 million people at risk. that is today. this slides off to the east tomorrow. then 33 million people at rick for damaging winds, hail, chance of an isolated tornado. that stretches from new england down to parts of the southeast. you're familiar with the summertime storms, the downpours. we're looking at chances of localized flooding. and hot and dry in the northwest. this is going to continue to go

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