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Election donations: National Party raises massive $10.4 million haul in donations for election

The National Party has disclosed a massive $10.4 million in donations in its election-year haul for 2023, more than double the amount declared by any other...

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Space Shuttle Columbia The Final Flight

-engines throttling up, three engines now at 104%. -challenger go at throttle up. -challenger go at throttle up. ♪ [ all gasping, screaming ]

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FOX and Friends Saturday

crime has gotten so intense in places like san francisco that governor newsom recently brought in the national guard to clear out these open air drug markets. he then sent the california highway patrol across over into the east bay to help protect citizens in oakland from violent crime. so it has gotten pretty serious in the bay area. will: let's take a look, by the way, at uc-berkeley. this is 19-22, so we talked about pre-pandemic levels. criminal offenses up 104%. motor vehicle theft up 210%. aggravated assault up 260. katherine, you go to uc-berkeley. here is what i'd be curious about -- >> i do. will: as a sagar points out, berkeley is in a city environment which is, essentially, an island of crime. so while nationally stats may be down, what you see in some of these citieses often run by democrats, some of these big cities are places like, well, why, it's getting better everywhere else, why are we

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Hamilton City Council to cut services for cost savings of $104 million over 10 years

Services and staff positions at Hamilton City Council are on the chopping block as part of efforts to balance the books. At this week’s council meeting,...

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René Magritte painting may fetch $104 million at a century of surrealism auction

A major work by surrealist painter René Magritte that hasn’t been shown in public for a quarter pf a century could fetch £50 million ($104 million) at...

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FOX and Friends Saturday

deboer who took washington to the national champion game, 104-12, that's his coaching record, a lot of that, to be fair, at n pix a. but his leap is interesting, from fresno state to alabama in three years. pete: you're a coaching assistant at a high d i level, he made it from the bottom up and he's -- will: he's clearly a good coach. xs and os, can he recruit the south. that's the question. pete: all right, last one for will. california proposal to ban youth tackle football for kids under 12 cleared its first hurdle. what do you think? will: look, i appreciate -- pete: look at him. [laughter] will: first of all, they say when you're little, you're belly bumping, you're not getting big head issues. pete: that's a big kid though. [laughter] will: there's usually a weight thing. like, you can't be that much older than the other kids, so maybe they've got that rule in california. [laughter] let parents make the decision, that's my talking. i appreciate the risks, whatever

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The Beat Weekend

trump is a one-of-a-kind person. you know at forbes, we have been doing forbes for 104 years, no one on it has ever lied so persistently about the net worth as donald trump. so i think there is something psychological here, more so than just a business motive. but certainly, there are business motives to. and they laid out a really interesting one that hey, this is a guy who was short on cash, and didn't want to have a pay a lot of interest, and figured out a way that he could lower his interest rates. >> christine, and dan, thank you. up next, we look into policy at our nations children, for real. the story, stay with us. stay with us. you need sinex saline from vicks. just sinex, breathe, ahhhh! what is — wow! sinex. breathe. ahhhhhh! an alternative to pills, voltaren is a clinically proven arthritis pain relief gel, which penetrates deep to target the source of pain with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine directly at the source. voltaren, the joy of movement.

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Ten years in, Alvarado Street is a destination.

J.C. Hill is lounging in a comfortable chair on the mezzanine overlooking the bar and dining room of Alvarado on Main in Salinas, which opened just over a year ago.

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Fox News at Night

race? tell us who and why you think you should lead with them. birthday shout out to a dear fox news at night at fans. josephine 104 years old today. seen her with cousins. happy birthday and many more to you from fox news at night. have you ever thought of getting a walk-in tub for you or someone you love?

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Grab your guitar and sing along — Pacific Grove's bimonthly hootenanny is still going strong after 28 years. | Art, Theater & Culture

It’s already dusk as we follow the sounds of guitar and some rhythmic percussion up the stairs at the Pacific Grove Art Center. In a large gallery room, surrounded by

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