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CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield

with ninja. >> if you have medicare and medicaid, unitedhealthcare is dual complete plans come with the uconn, the simple member car to use for your planned benefits. get credit every month to pay for healthy food utilities, and over-the-counter items at no extra cost to you with unitedhealthcare no yeah it's great i can do a cartwheel in here would you like to join now? >> we would love to join you it's not the bell on a subway series foot-long, except when you add on an all new foot-long zach kick, we're talking about $2 footlong to row, $3 footlong pretzel, $105 footlong cookie. >> every effort foot deserve a

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CNN This Morning

>> in fact, check me all right. >> dino great. great stuff. thanks for being with us. appreciate it in the meantime, the 76 years punch their ticket to the playoffs after a come from win against the miami heat, andy scholes has this boardings bleacher report yeah. good morning. jams. so the 76 years, i mean, man, they are red hot heading into their first round matchup now against the new york knicks that's billy one nine in a row now and last night so things weren't looking great. they were down 14. did they he joel embiid lead them back. he had 23 points and this one and a huge assist light under a minute to go tie game here and b2c, kelly oubre junior gets the bucket plus the foul billy would then hold onto when 105 jimmy butler injured his knee late in the first quarter. he stayed in place 40 minutes, but was noticeably limping after he said he hopes he can play in tomorrow's eight seed play in game with people i don't want to jinx it, but i mean, i hope that i'm fine.

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side of the mississippi river. over on the missouri side we can pop down and check in on pottawatomie. 10% of the vote counted right now. trump is hanging on. i want to emphasize to our viewers at home that we've got a ways to go. 105 rob votes. 26 raw votes. let me see if i can change the screen. there it is. 13 raw votes for vivek ramaswamy. it will move throughout the night. one cool feature we've got this year is we don't have to do math live on the air anymore. this button right here if you are watching at home or on your computer or mobile device it shows you the raw votes between first and second place. in any particular county or even statewide. we can click on it and it changes the percentage point. donald trump is up 43.8 points. that's the way it is tabulator right now based on the raw vote early at 10%.

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Morning Joe

the longest in league history for just their second playoff victory since winning the 1957 nfl title. it means so much more, though, for the people of detroit. it means so much more for this lions team. they started out 0-6 last year. i will tell you what, as i've discussed with pablo, 0-6, 1-6, you could tell they were a great team. what a game for jared goff. talk about redemption. let's bring in right now -- such a happy pablo torre finds out's pablo torre. two extraordinary games. the dallas cowboys do what they always do, collapse. like being a braves fan and watching them win the division 11, 12 years in a row, and knowing whether they've won 99 or 105 game, they're going to lose. like being a dodgers fan right now. but we'll get to dallas in a

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CBS Weekend News

about the outcome and international alarm about the rising death toll. today thousands rallied in tel aviv, demanding the government do more to bring home those hostages still held by hamas believed to be at around 105 hostages. as for civilians in gaza, war has been catastrophic for the territory. cbs' charlie d'agata has the latest. charlie? >> reporter: good evening, jericka. it is a grim milestone for everyone here. 24-hour vigils, those demonstrations across israel, and remembrance of the victims of the massacre. fears over the fate of hostages still missing. and the ongoing tragedy of the soaring death toll inside gaza itself. fresh israeli assaults today marked day 100 since the war began, with no sign of when or even how it may end. it no longer matters the dead arriving among those still clinging to life at the al aqsa

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Morning Joe

losing streak, the longest in history. just the second playoff victory since winning the 1957 nfl title. it means so much more for the people of detroit. it means so much more for this lions team. they started 0-6 last year. and i will tell you what, even with running six, you could tell they were a great team. but what a game, what a game for jared goff. talk about redemption. it's such a happy time. and from espn pablo, two extraordinary games, one, the dallas cowboys, do what the dallas cowboys always do, they collapse. it's like being an atlanta braves fan and watching them in the division 12 years in a row and wondering whether they won 99 or 105 games, they're going to lose. and we'll get to dallas in a second. but you talk about a problem

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The Katie Phang Show

standing in here in this isn't just nothing here. i know that you are in new york today, where it's actually a balmy 60 degrees, but your family down miami right now, he did next is 89. i was looking this up in miami. here at the windchill is negative 20. we're talking about 105-degree difference here between miami and des moines right, now it's only going to plummet even more heading into monday night, and that is where the question is how does this impact the caucus monday night here. we've already seen donald trump canceled both of his rallies today. he canceled more than four tomorrow. there are questions about nikki haley and ron desantis's events going forward. normally, this is chaos here at the weekend before the caucus, and this is the go time for nikki haley amongst us to try to close that gap i working hard on the ground and getting voters here, but this is the difficult math that we are going to play at. i know you are not katie were messaging earlier today about the sort of weather conditions, and what voters, desantis

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The Context

with merger talks between the pga tour and the public investment fund, which bankrolls liv golf, ongoing. he's been speaking in dubai, where he begins his 2024 season at the inaugural dubai invitational on thursday. i think everyone needs to start thinking more globally, but globally in a holistic way. not really like this to her, that to her, the other two are. what is the best structure for an elite men's professional golf? the top 70 or 100 guys in the world, what would that look like with mike especially if the game is going to look different going forward, everything is on the table. i think it's just worth having a conversation. steve smith will replace david warner as australia's test opener despite having never batted in the position during his career. the former captain will open alongside usman khawaja in the first test against west indies later this month. smith has never opened in 167 first—class games, which includes 105 tests. warner retired after the series

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but it does come into the context of some wider concerns, i think, about the responsiveness of the trust when complaints are made, the confidence of staff to speak out. we know that there have been issues in the past around whistleblowers feeling that they can't speak out. the trust said it wished to extend its sincere condolences to melissa's family and added... "senior clinicians used their best judgment to diagnose the symptoms she presented with. but tragically, melissa had an extraordinarily rare condition, especially for someone so young. such presentations are extremely challenging for staff trying to make the right decisions around tests and diagnostics. and the coroner agreed there was no clinical indication for further investigations at the time, concluding melissa had died from natural causes." meanwhile, newsnight has discovered that last spring, the trust asked the royal college of surgeons to review its digestive diseases department. that probe is ongoing. and the same department is one of two that sussex police are looking into regarding 105 cases of alleged medical negligence.

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