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Local support center for sex workers part of constitutional challenge

By Vasilios Bellos
Cred: Safe Space Website
SafeSpace London is a local organization that supports sex workers, women, and gender non-conforming individuals in crises. Currently, the group along with 24 other members make up the The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform. The alliance is currently launching a constitutional challenge against several amendments that came to life after the enactment of Bill C-36. Board member with SafeSpace London, Melissa Lukings, describes what Bill C-36 is.
“So in 2013, the Bedford case happened and the Supreme Court decided the current laws of sex work infringed upon the constitutional provisions under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Bill C-36 was a response to that. Unfortunately, it ended up criminalizing for the first time ever sex work and related activities, so transactions, things like that. Third party material benefits, advertising, purchasing, and selling, so these are things it criminalized for the first time ever in Canadian history. Since then we’ve been trying to change that because the laws are horrific for real life actual sex workers.”

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MLHU on the long weekend

By Victoria Newman
Mar 31, 2021 10:10 PM
Easter weekend is coming soon! But with COVID-19 case numbers on the rise, many are left wondering how they can celebrate the long weekend.
“When we think about what’s really safe, what’s not safe, and what’s in the middle. You know, on the safest side of things is staying home… and celebrating virtually with people. In the middle there are potentials to see people in an outdoor environment in which two meters maintained so things like a walk. But what really can’t happen is an outdoor party. That isn’t going to be helpful at all. And large gatherings, even outdoors, if people are in close proximity at this point in time is not something we can advise,” said Dr. Alex Summers, Associate Medical Officer of Health at the Middlesex London Health Unit (MLHU).

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Ontario heading into a "emergency-brake" shutdown starting Saturday

Ontario heading into a “emergency-brake” shutdown starting Saturday
By Skylar McCarthy
Apr 1, 2021 2:55 PM
Effective on Saturday at 12:01 am, Ontario is imposing a province-wide emergency brake shutdown. This is due to the rising case numbers as Ontario is reporting roughly 2,500 new cases of COVID-19 today. The lockdown is expected to last at least 4 weeks.
From March 26 to 28, provincial case rates have increased by 7.7 per cent to 101.1 cases per 100,000 people. Current COVID-19 related ICU admissions are already over the peak of wave two. ICU admissions are projected to exceed 650 beds in a few weeks.
Ontario is reporting 2,557 cases of #COVID19 and nearly 62,300 tests completed. Locally, there are 743 new cases in Toronto, 484 in Peel, 311 in York Region, 131 in Ottawa, 119 in Hamilton and 107 in Durham.

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What are local bars expecting this St. Patrick's Day?

By Vasilios Bellos
Cred: Scot's Pub Facebook Page
Last years festivities were very toned down in the city of London. Many are fearing this year that COVID fatigue may play a role in individuals not taking the restrictions as seriously this time around, especially with the recent increase in house-party related cases.
In terms of bars and restaurants, it has already been made clear that police will have a significant downtown presence throughout St. Patrick’s Day. These businesses were not open last year due to the full COVID shutdown, so they are dealing with a brand new experience.
Billy Thomson, General Manager at The Scot’s Corner on Dundas Street, describes how preparation for this years St. Patrick’s Day is unique.

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Etiquette: it applies to more than just dining

By Bailey Sherrah
Photo by Arthouse Studio / Pexels
Etiquette, what is it?
Think of it as polite actions: things you would enjoy if someone else did them for you. Historically known as a guide line of how to treat others with respect, including yourself.
Adeodata Czink is the owner of Toronto etiquette consultancy, Business of Manners
. Czink says good etiquette begins the moment you walk through a door.
“You want to commend attention by your presence. You want to look tall with great posture, open the door wide, step in and give yourself a moment to look around. You have arrived and you are great.”

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The tabletop game that has been thriving in the online world

By Tim Magallanes
Mar 14, 2021 2:32 PM
Dungeons and Dragons, also known as D&D, hasn’t been hindered by the pandemic but has rather progressed in popularity.
D&D is a tabletop role-playing game where players can make their own characters and explore fantasy worlds. Games also feature Dungeon Masters or DMs that help guide the players through the worlds they explore but also play against them.
Over the years, D&D has definitely been more open and many people have gotten into the role-playing atmosphere. Because of the game’s audience mostly consisting of younger adults, D&D’s online presence was already very prominent.

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How COVID is affecting children's development

It's been just over a year since the Global Health organization deemed the coronavirus a global pandemic. One ...

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Back at school during the pandemic

It's certainly not an understatement to say that the pandemic has changed a lot of things. One of those things...

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The new moon: A time to launch new projects

Today the new moon will vanish from our sight. The night will only be illuminated by the natural light of the ...

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