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>> reporter: cbs news has obtained new video showing people moving pieces into place before dawn. a new report from a congressional subcommittee says the construction began before 7:00 a.m. with the cross-beam and a neon orange noose added just after the rioters attacked the capitol at 1:00 p.m. cbs news has learned the rope was cut and tossed down after the riot and recovered by an international journalist who turned it over to the fbi. >> started the white house -- >> reporter: jane campbell of the u.s. capitol historical society says it's an image that is now seared into history. >> the images of terror at times when our country is in its worst moments stick with us. >> reporter: though that mystery remains, the department of justice and the fbi have found more than 1,350 people they believe were part of the january 6th attack. with hundreds more arrests still possible. scott macfarlane, cbs news, the capitol. straight ahead on the "cbs

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Fox News Live

every possible means necessary they are being cared for on the taxpayer dole so now you're going to have an additional three to $50 a week which comes out to 1350 or 1400 a month or something to that effect. i have people who work for me a single mom with two children who does not have the money to spend and they do. it's not fair it's totally not fair. arthel: i hear your frustration i also feel you don't feel you have an answer at the moment as to what to do. >> know there is no answer because so long as the democrats have control over what is going on in this state and this city, it is not going to change. i as a republican and some commonsenscommon sense democrato see this change. they are not open for any kind of conversation so there you go.

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CNN This Morning Weekend

it cost $1350 a month before insurance and insurance coverage is not great in the united states. so there is an expectation that once this result is peer-to-peer reviewed, published in a medical journal, because new this is just a press release top line finding and the fda reviewed it, could encourage more insurers to pay for the drugs as doctors become more interested in prescribing them. >> thank you. did you know the summer's almost over? >> it's august 15. 13th. you know what i'm saying. >> i feel like it went by really fast. i want it to because it's too hot. i want fall. i want the leaves to start changing like yesterday. >> you are going on vacation? >> that's right. >> that's right. >> well, if you are still flange to squeeze in a trip, speaking of which, this summer there is some good news. ticket prices are starting to drop, but it won't be that way for long. you've got to move quickly. why experts say now is the time

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heart attack or stroke what does it mean for how it might be used going forward? >> these are wildly popular medicineses used for weight loss, but one of the major problems is insurance coverage has not been great. they are pretty exens pivot. that can cost $1350 a month without insurance. once the results are published in journal, because this is just the prels release right now, the fda adds them to the prescribing information. that could open up insurance reimbursement, which could enable more people to access these medications. >> also business implications for the makers of wegovy. i'm sure there's a lot of people hoping this can make a significant difference. thank you so much. >> i also think i have been mispronouncing it. >> most of the time i just don't try to say the name because it's too harm. >> you do a great job. we're going to give you all the credit. >> i just say whatever you say.

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how expensive? take a look at this. a £200,000 loan over 25 years could now set you back an additional £500 a month, as compared to nearly two years ago. i've been speaking to some of the people facing a big rise in their housing costs. in millions of homes across the country, yet another rise in interest rates brings more discomfort. it kind of corrects through inflation. james has been trying to sell his flat for years, but after the sale fell through a month ago, now he's faced with even bigger payments on his mortgage. to kind of put it in perspective, our monthly repayment was £825. we first took out the mortgage and then we've extended the term. but a like—for—like repayment now would be about 1,350. it's a massive jump and the plan was to sell the flats, planning stuff, stop that kind of completing and now we're kind of effectively stuck on a variable rate mortgage because we're still trying

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traffic stop. in the day ahead his funeral will be held. france must address deep issues in the police force. let's get more from cnn's nic robertson in paris. what's the latest on all of the protests? >> reporter: yeah. number of arrests were up. 994. but the number of inches dechblgtdents of violence are up. 2500 fire sets, 1350 vehicles torched, compare that to 1990 the previous night. 1919, rather, the previous night. you can see the figures are down. the attacks on government buildings were down, but there were more police. there were 45,000 police throughout. heavy armored vehicles available to the police. some areas had curfews. there was a ban on big public gatherings.

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CNN Newsroom Live

in paris. take us through what happened. >> reporter: yeah, 994 people arrested, more than the previous night. but there were more police out there. there were 45,000 police, 40,000 the previous night. they had stronger, better armored vehicles at their disposal. also there was a ban nationwide on large gatherings. there are buses and trams across the country that were taken off the streets at 9:00 p.m. last night. so all of that done to try to mitigate against this ongoing violence. the violence actually down in relative terms, about 2,500, 2,560 to be precise, fires started. that was less than the priests night. 1,350 vehicles set on fire. significantly less than the previous night. fewer government buildings attacked, fewer police stations

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CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield

>> reporter: yes, i would say the situation on this street feels relatively calm. it was different an hour ago. a fire broke out in the bushes here. the fire brigade came in, the army came out, secured the area, but they put out the fire, and they went away, and the funeral for nahel has gone on quite close to her, not without any incidents at all. there were about a thousand mourners that came out to the mosque, there were people standing in the street for prayers as well. and it was very respectful. and you feel like with the sunshine out, that things are very calm, and those statistics for last night, while shocking, you know, 1350 cars burned, 26 city halls burned, 24 schools attacked, those sources of statistics sound really bad, but the numbers were actually lower than the previous night, the police had more police out on the street, 45,000, as you said, they had stronger armored vehicles and the government has no large gathers and took the buses and trans off the street last night at 9:00 p.m., so there were mitigations put in place, and i think that gets to

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CNN Newsroom

you've had shops burned, train stations burned, cars burned, everyone here in the security services is on high alert. across the country last night however, there was less violence than the previous night. there were police, less police injured, the police had more armored vehicles, so the overall trend thursday night into friday night was a reduction in violence, but to give you some of the figures, it was still 1350 vehicles set on fire, more than 2560 fires total, 26 town halls attacked, 24 schools attacked, so the numbers are by no means insignificant. this is still a massive security operation that is going on around the country, and two police officers were shot and injured in the central city here, in the country, and the government stepped up the security there by sending an elite unit of the police anti-riot squad. so this is the sort of escalating response the

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johnson's parliamentary career is overfor johnson's parliamentary career is over for now. johnson's parliamentary career is overfor now. it johnson's parliamentary career is over for now. it has ended with a stinging rebuke from his peers. nobody ever quite says definitively that boris johnson nobody ever quite says definitively that borisjohnson will never make a comeback. i have to say, given what happened last night, it would be difficult indeed. the former chancellor george osborne will give evidence to the covid—i9 inquiry today. he was the chancellor under david cameron, who gave evidence yesterday, and denied that his government's austerity policies damaged the uk's ability to cope with the virus, claiming that he needed to shore up the economy to protect public services like the nhs. more than six million people with disabilities will start to receive a £150 cost—of—living payment from today. the one—off payments, which will be issued over the next fortnight, are part of a wider package of support worth up to £1,350 to the most vulnerable households. the government is set to remove

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