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Expect nearly quintuple increase in heat waves that affect children

ACCORDING to recent Save the Children research, children born now are going to suffer 4.9 times more severe heat waves, 2.3 times more river floods, 1.2 times more drought, and 1.5 times more crop losses than their grandparents, or those born 60 years ago.

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Make NYC orderly for everyone

New York City may be a safe haven for shoplifters, subway shovers, gangbangers and illegal migrants, but park rangers are holding the line against pee-wee pee-pee bandits.

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Schools for Haiti celebrates years of advocacy with upcoming gala

Schools for Haiti is celebrating a decade of supporting children in Haiti with their upcoming 10th annual Dream Builders Fundraising Gala.

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Changing lives: HUGS Foundation prepares for trip to Peru, performing free surgeries

A local plastic surgeon and his team of 14 people from across the country are getting ready to head to Peru on a mission for the HUGS Foundation.

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Haryana bus accident: From 'drunk driver' to 'no attendant', how neglect by school authority lead to incident

After a school bus accident in Haryana's Mahendragarh, investigations revealed the driver was allegedly drunk, and the bus lacked essential documents and a fitness certificate.

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First Tee - South Central WI holds groundbreaking of brand new home

First Tee - South Central Wisconsin held a groundbreaking of their new home on Friday to continue their efforts of empowering kids and teens.

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Thursday kicks off a weekend of the Nevada State Fair and Rendezvous, Carson Valley Days, the Ramos Bros. Circus, and more

School is out in Carson City and the summer wasted no time in getting started with the fun stuff. Head down to Mills Park sometime this weekend to enjoy the Nevada State Fair, Rendezvous and Carnival. Carson Valley Days is an annual tradition for those who live in the Minden/Gardnerville area.

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'Boss Brothers' work to teach financial literacy to kids

The trio known as the "Boss Brothers" created their own brand and published a book to help kids just like them learn more about financial literacy.

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UPDATE: Police release sketch of man posing as officer trying to lure children

SDPD says they've been searching for the man since March 11, when around 10 a.m. that day, he approached two children at Keiller Park on Woodrow Avenue.

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