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hemings, who was the enslaved woman in the united states, who had a relationship and bore seven children to thomasjefferson, the third president of the united states. why was it important for you to tell that story? i didn't think that it was as important as it turned out to be. i had looked at, you know, the relationship of this invisible woman with the most powerful man in the world, really, in the western world, as a kind of mythic. it's a sort of half love, half hate story to tell. i mean, it was... it's operatic in its, you know, in its stance. and it was only after all

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i was back in ukraine during the war, then i came here and our houses are destroyed and people are missing. how could this happen? then a mass to bring solace to those seeking answers in tragedy. their minds turned to the moment the earth broke away and engulfed their lives, an island overwhelmed by itself. mark lowen, bbc news, ischia. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: we'll have the story behind this world cup picture — and we'll tell you who's in and who's out of the tournament. it's quite clear that the worst victims of this disaster are the poor people living in the slums which have sprung up around the factory. i'm feeling so helpless that the children are

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'I live with a physical disability – here's why my Christmas lunch is a bittersweet social gathering'

Watching my older sister around her family makes me look at my own life, not in a comparative manner, but rather from a self-reflective perspective.

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china would lift some of its restrictions which a lot of people in china see as arbitrary and cruel and leading the things like children being separated from their parents at times because that would justify the protesting works and i think that's something the party would be very concerned if that message went out that if you protest, you will get what you want from the party. i will get what you want from the .a _ ., , will get what you want from the .a . ., , ., will get what you want from the party. i was wondering if you could explain _ party. i was wondering if you could explain what _ party. i was wondering if you could explain what has - party. i was wondering if you could explain what has led i party. i was wondering if you | could explain what has led up to this because there lockdowns and isolation. but what about the vaccinations here? why aren't enough people getting vaccinated in china? i aren't enough people getting vaccinated in china?- vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination - vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination rate - vaccinated in china? i think the low vaccination rate is l the low vaccination rate is complicated but i think a lack of trust perhaps in the government or health authorities may have something to do with it. and also, china has not really brought him international vaccines. they may be a bit more effective

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>> hey pamela, good evening to you. some of the stories we are watching, the death toll has risen to at least seven including a newborn and two children following an enormous landslide on an italian island. search teams pulled the body of a young girl from her family home sunday. five people remain missing their. protests against china's stringent covid policies have spread to shanghai and other cities. president xi jinping is facing mounting anger at its zero covid policy and has shut down access to areas throughout china in an attempt to isolate every case. and more than 2500 flights into or out of the united states airports were delayed sunday during the post thanksgiving travel rush. this comes as severe weather, including rain, heavy winds, and snow swept through major cities in the south and then the northeast. more with paola ramos after this break. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big.

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70s, there had been a big national survey that found that 25 to 35%, about a third of all native children, had been removed from their family and tribes. this was not the first time that federal policy had systematically separated native children from their family. and so, it was kind of like a set of guardrails. when a native child enters foster care or is up for adoption, the law works to keep that child connected to their family and connected to their tribe. >> recently, obviously, it has become a major target for republicans. it has been challenged almost as many times as the affordable care act. and now it has made its way all the way to the supreme court. you have been inside the court during those oral arguments. from what you heard, from what you saw, from what you feel, and do you believe that this is a case that, at its core, is

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The Eighties

second city toronto company. the toronto one is the one that fueled the sctv series which originally was syndicated and got to the states that way. >> hail, hail! >> hail, hail. thank you very much for that marvelous reception. i particularly want to thank my supporters over there in the cesarean section. >> it's healthy to be an outsider. you know, as a comedian. and canadians are always outsiders, but they're looking at the other culture which is right next door to them. >> i love you, i want to bear your children! ha ha ha! >> it was the type of comedy that had only been accessible if you could have gotten into the improv clubs in chicago and toronto. i had never seen anything like second city tv. >> james bridgeman, parkdale. >> sorry, no, never mind, i'm sorry. >> it was far more conceptual in its humor because it didn't have to be performed in front of an audience.

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learning loss remediation, let's have more institutional time, could we have pull out groups in school, hiring staff to pull out small groups of important that need help in certain areas and work with them. offering summer school and after school programming and high impact tutors after school, they are things that cove funds could be used to support. and these are questions that parents need to ask their teachers and ask their district leaders. like where is this money going? what kind of supports are in place that we can take advantage of? my child next extra support. as a parent you need to be active. and be proactive with your district. there are a lot of measures in place legally for your children should they need extra support for them to receive it you have to be

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will mark native american history month by kicking off its annual tribal nations summit. representatives from tribes across the country will meet with imagination officials to discuss the important issues facing their communities. the senate comes as many within those communities are anxious in watching the supreme court reviews breaking v holland, the case that challenges the indian child welfare act. tribal leaders argue that striking down the law would jeopardize the well-being of thousands of indigenous children while threatening the very notion of native american sovereignty. here to discuss is rebecca, the chair -- cherokee writer, author, and host of crooked medias this land podcast. thank you so much for having me. >> i want to start with the basics. really grounding us in the importance and significance of the indian child welfare act. why congress enacted this over four decades ago. can we start there? >> absolutely. when it was passed in the late

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